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I Can See Your Voice Malaysia Bersama Haqiem Rusli Trending di Youtube Malaysia

Here is this week’s list of trending YouTube videos:

  1. 《最猛老师 》Incredible Teachers 官方完整版

Netizens were enamored by this engaging short movie about a roguish-looking new teacher who cares deeply about his students, starring Nick Chung as Mr. Meng.

  1. Manchester United 4 – 0 Chelsea | EPL Highlights | Astro SuperSport

Soccer fans caught some of the best moments from the Old Trafford match, in which two goals were scored by Marcus Rashford, and one by Anthony Martial and Daniel James respectively.

  1. I Can See Your Voice Malaysia (Musim 2) Minggu 8 Bersama Haqiem Rusli | #ICSYVMY

Fans tuned in to guess along with singer and guest star Haqium Rusli as he tried to tell apart real singers from imposters in this ballad-themed episode of the mystery music show.

  1. Floor 88 – Hutang [Official Music Video]

Floor 88’s latest rock hit, which carries a positive message about hard work and avoiding quick fixes, raked in over 4.9 million views since the music video first premiered on July 29.   

  1. CASSANDRA 3 (feat. ASIF)

Fans eagerly watched what happens next in the story of a kuih seller who is smitten by the beautiful Cassandra, a beauty vlogger who visits his stall one day.

Note: This list shows the fastest rising searches, meaning these were the search terms that saw the largest spike in video searches this week.

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