Need Help with the Laundry, Dad?

Laundry is known as a fickle chore, with various settings and requirements for different fabrics and colours, it is no wonder that most people avoid it as much as they can. With most dads working majority of the time, laundry is not something that they have got much experience in, so when mum goes away for a few days, panic ensues.

With Samsung’s AddWash Front Load washer, Dad can now do the laundry with a peace of mind. How? With a feature-packed washing machine giving a new level of simplification into the family’s lives!

Samsung'S Addwash Front Load Washer

The Samsung AddWash Washing Machine comes with incredible technology making laundry a breeze

While mum is away, the children come out to play! If the kids come back from a fun day out at the playground with dirt and grass stains or have been too messy at the dinner table, Dad need not worry about stains because Samsung has developed the innovative EcoBubble™ technology.

The EcoBubble™ technology makes it possible to get a deeper wash with just cold water as opposed to heated water, saving on the energy used to heat water in conventional washing machines. Generating powerful bubbles that are richer and finer, EcoBubble™ technology allows detergents and water to penetrate through any fabric 40 times faster and deeper. At the same time, cold water also aids in maintaining the colour and texture of the fabrics. So Dad, worry not because stubborn stains can now be easily removed, leaving no trace of them ever being there!

To make Dad’s life that much easier, the new Samsung Addwash Front Load Washer is packed with a SuperSpeed feature where a load can be complete in under an hour. There are only so many hours in a day and with work occupying most of the time, Dad can now multi-task between making dinner and doing the laundry!

With so much to juggle, it is quite understandable to miss a sock or two. So for Dads’ ultimate ease, there is the ever brilliant and distinct access door in Samsung’s Addwash Front Load Washer – so any forgotten pieces of laundry can still be washed midway through a cycle. With all this convenience in place, laundry day will be a breeze for Dads!

Starting at an affordable recommended retail price of RM2,889 to RM4,599 at selected authorised dealerships, Samsung’s AddWash Washing Machine is also part of the Great Samsung Raya Deals with exclusive prices, running until 31st July 2016.


Photo: With Samsung’s Addwash Front Load Washer, Dad can now do the laundry just as well with a peace of mind.

Written by Budiey

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