U Mobile Jalin Kerjasama Dengan KakaoTalk & WeChat

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]ada jam 11 pagi tadi, Budiey meluangkan masa untuk hadir di sidang media UMobile di mana pada hari ini telco ini memperluaskan tawaran kepada pengguna dengan mengumumkan kerjasama dengan dua perkhidmatan permesejan popular, KakaoTalk dan juga WeChat. Wah, tahniah! Sebut pasal WeChat, teringat pulak kat Siwon Super Junior yang datang Malaysia untuk bikin iklan WeChat baru-baru ini.

Melalui kerjasama yang diumumkan pada pagi tadi, ini membolehkan pelanggan prabayar U Mobile yang melanggan pakej UMI boleh menikmati penggunaan data percuma untuk KakaoTalk dan juga WeChat, sekaligus membolehkan mereka menikmati perkhidmatan permesejan tersebut pada bila-bila masa. Best kan?

Bersama-sama dengan pengumuman ini juga, pihak UMobile memperkenalkan UMI yang mana menawarkan peggunaan data 500MB, panggilan percuma selama 200 minit dan juga 30 SMS percuma pada harga langganan RM38 sebulan.

Budiey juga ada menggunakan pakej ini. Kebetulan para media yang hadir turut diberikan satu kad sim baru dengan menggunakan tawaran ini. Terima kasih U Mobile.

Launch of Free Data with Kakao Talk


Malaysia’s most dynamic and innovative 3G mobile operator, U Mobile Sdn Bhd, today introduced the telco’s new marketing directions and strategies to gain greater traction in the mobile industry through consumer-centric initiatives and more innovative product offerings that will benefit the consumers.

[pullquote align=”right”]Telco Unveils New Marketing Direction to Capture Market Share, Offers New Product Offerings and Reward Incentive[/pullquote]

Introducing a three-pillar focus, U Mobile is delivering more reasons to switch to the telco’s services through its free data, free calls and free SMS offering to its subscribers, ensuring they receive much more than what they pay for. The company also focuses on rewarding its U Mobile prepaid customers through various rewards programme when they switch to U Mobile’s network.

In addition, U Mobile will also embark in smart partnerships with dynamic players within and outside of the industry to offer consumers greater connectivity opportunities and enhanced mobile experience. These pillars also attest to the telco’s relentless strive in connecting its users through quality data, voice, SMS and messaging services on its 3G network.

“We are looking into more consumer engagements in our pipeline to better understand their trends, lifestyle and needs, which will be handy when we design our products and services. U Mobile will also continue to expand its reach through unique distribution channel, alongside traditional outlets – all to bring greater convenience and accessibility of our products to consumers,” said Jasmine Lee, U Mobile’s Director of Marketing when sharing about the telco’s new marketing direction.

“Consumers can expect more innovative product offerings and services that are catered to their needs from U Mobile in the near future. We are really excited about our new direction, and will continue to offer consumers exciting possibilities to live connected with U Mobile,” she added.

U Mobile also announced its partnership with KakaoTalk™ and WeChat™, two of the most popular messaging applications in the market. With this partnership, U Mobile prepaid users who are on Unlimited Mobile Internet (UMI) packages will enjoy free data for KakaoTalk™ and WeChat™, enabling them to stay connected with their friends and family through these messaging services.

U Mobile is the first player in the local mobile industry to partner with KakaoTalk™ and WeChat™, which will provide more options for users to stay connected. Representatives from KakaoTalk™ were also present at the event to officiate the partnership.

Continuing its popular Unlimited Mobile Internet packages for the prepaid segment, U Mobile launched a UMI 38 – a new unlimited mobile Internet package that comes with two times the amount of minutes. It is targeted at the smartphone subscribers who need unlimited Internet and large number of minutes. At only RM38 per month, subscribers can enjoy 200 minutes of FREE calls, 30 FREE SMS and 500MB of high speed 3G mobile internet with a 30 day validity period.

In getting more users to enjoy free calls, free SMS and free data on U Mobile’s 3G network, the telco has introduced a reward programme to encourage its current U Mobile prepaid subscribers to invite their family and friends to subscribe to the telco’s prepaid service and be part of the U Mobile community. In return, the introducer will enjoy 5% free credit every time their friends top-up. Not only do subscribers get the free benefits, their family and friends will also be rewarded with 15% top up bonus when they port to U Mobile.

These exciting new offers are available now at all U Mobile outlets nationwide.

#LiveConnected with #UMobile! For more information U Mobile’s UMI 38, Free data and reward programme, please visit

UMI 38

• The UMI 38 plan is a new variation to U Mobile’s popular Unlimited Mobile Internet (UMI) prepaid plan that is voice-centric – ideal for users who are frequent callers.

• Product features of the UMI 38 prepaid plan:-

• RM38 per month
• 200 minutes of FREE CALLS to all networks
• 30 FREE SMS to all networks
• FREE DATA for chat applications with KakaoTalk™ and WeChat™
• Unlimited Mobile Internet with 500MB high-speed quota (subject to fair usage policy)
• No additional charges even after users have exceeded their data quota
• 30-day validity
• Voice call minutes and SMS that have not been utilised will be carried forward to the following month.


• U Mobile is the FIRST telco to give free data to its prepaid users for KakaoTalk™ and WeChat™ usage
• This FREE data is given exclusively for prepaid users who are on UMI 28, UMI 38 and UMI 48 Prepaid Plans.

• U Mobile is one of the first telcos in the market to launch the reward programme for its U Prepaid subscribers.
• A program which offers an exciting new way to earn free credit by getting your friends to join the U Mobile community.

How to participate:

o Just go to to get a unique code
o Get your friends to Port In or purchase a U Mobile Sim Pack
o Your Friends can go to to key in your unique code
o You will enjoy 5% free credit from the value of your friends’ Top Up
o Your friends can also get 15% top up bonus when they Port to U Mobile.

Jasmine Lee & Lee Fook Heng

Jasmine shares marketing direction

Media Q & A session

Written by Budiey

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