Living Lohan


TX Date/Day: 25 June 2009, Thursday

Time: 11.00pm

Wonder what it’s like being a matriarch and a manager to a rising star? Catch Dina Lohan, single mother to the famous Hollywood starlets Lindsay and Ali Lohan in the first season of Living Lohan starting 25th of June at 11.00pm for FREE only on 8TV!

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This show focuses on Dina building the career of her youngest daughter Ali Lohan, a young and bubbly aspiring actress and pop sensation while keeping on top of Lindsay’s busy schedule.

 “This is definitely an interesting and amusing reality show. Living Lohan will give you insights on the ups and downs of the Lohan family.” said 8TV’s General Manager, Ms Lam Swee Kim.

Ali who goes through the pain and struggle in following her big sister’s footstep being in the limelight of Hollywood fame and stardom works on launching her own album with the help of her mother, Dina Lohan. 

The show takes us into the lives of the Lohans following the never ending drama and controversy that constantly surrounds this family.

In the 9 episode reality series, the Lohan’s will travel from Long Island to Las Vegas, were Ali will work on her debut album. Ali experiences the suffering of constantly having to be on top of her career, having to practise her vocals and deal with pressure and harassment from her peers as a young star.

On the road to success, Ali has to swap a typical normal teenage life to a life similar to a working adult’s.

While managing Ali’s career, Dina is also faced with the rumours about Lindsay and Ali’s music producer Jeremy Greene. Dina Lohan has to constantly deal with her children being in the tabloids while keeping strong managing a household all on her own.

As Ali and Dina focuses on Ali’s career, Cody Lohan, the youngest of the four siblings tries to keep up with his sister’s career having to travel and make sacrifices for his sister while fighting for attention from members of his family.

Meanwhile, Michael Lohan, eldest of the four who is away in college during the most of the season returns in one of the episodes with his long time girlfriend where the two experiences the ups and downs that come with a relationship.

Be sure not to miss Living Lohan and catch the varieties of dramas unfold, on 8TV every Thursday at 11.00pm starting 25th June 2009. 8TV is also available via Astro’s Channel 708.

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Written by Budiey

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