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Jackson Yee THE LONGEST DAY IN CHANG’AN on dimsum this July

The longest wait is over. The historical action thriller, The Longest Day in Chang’Anwhich has been the talk of the town for months is finally released in China, and subsequently on dimsum, streaming now every Thursday.

Led by pop star Jackson Yee from TFBoys, Lei Jia Yin of “The First Half of My Life” and Chen Yu Wei of “Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy”, it is a race against time of two heroes who cooperate to crack a mystery and save lives in a span of 24 hours. The 48-episode drama is adapted from a novel of the same name written by Ma Bo Yong.

Jackson Yee The Longest Day In Chang’an On Dimsum This July
The Longest Day in Chang’An | Every Thursday 

In A.D. 744 during Tang Dynasty, a group of terrorists infiltrated Chang’an with a plan to launch a fire attack. Li Bi (Jackson Yee), the head of Chang’an’s anti-terror department realizes that he is only left with 24 hours to protect the capital. With lives at stake, his only hope lies in teaming up with Zhang Xiao Jing (Lei Jia Yin), a former constable who is now a prisoner. Can Li and Zhang outsmart the brilliant mastermind behind the plan and protect the capital?

Jackson Yee The Longest Day In Chang’an On Dimsum This July

In the movie section, romantic and inspiring Chinese movies are being added this month. 

Jackson Yee The Longest Day In Chang’an On Dimsum This July

• Love, At First…

Never been in love, nerdy Tian Xiao Ye wants to lose his virginity on his 25th birthday. When he joins a company with mostly female colleagues, he starts to get more romantic attention. He is though, more attracted to Milan who is bold and fearless. Just as Xiao Ye thinks that his relationship with Milan becomes closer, something unexpected happens…

• Mr. Zhu’s Summer

Although he is not very smart, elementary school teacher Mr. Zhu is kind and upright. However, his care and affection for students are not being appreciated and fellow teachers even complain about his innovative ways to inspire students. In addition, two problematic students resulted in Zhu’s humiliation and frustration, so he resigns. Now it’s the task for the students to win him back…

• Ballad from Tibet | Coming Soon

Based on true events, three kidsfrom a Tibetan village: Thupten, Droma und Kalsang, embark on an odyssey with their older companion Sonam for Shenzhen, China. They’re intending to perform as a band on TV. The special thing about their long and difficult journey is that all of them have visual impairments.

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Jackson Yee The Longest Day In Chang’an On Dimsum This July
Jackson Yee The Longest Day In Chang’an On Dimsum This July
Jackson Yee The Longest Day In Chang’an On Dimsum This July

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