Firefly Airlines Touches The Hearts This Malaysia Day

Firefly Airlines has touched the hearts of many with its Malaysia Day short video, titled “Bring Me Home” on national unity, which is a much tossed about subject these days. Within 5 hours of uploading the video in the airlines Facebook page, the video struck a chord amongst many leading to over 2000 views.

The video, carrying the meaning of “Connect the Disconnected” directed and produced in-house by the airline’s Marketing & Communications team, begins with a mother and daughter hugging each other and crying, and suddenly an angry father standing near a window shouting ‘Why did you do this to us?” in Tamil. It then moves on to the daughter asking for forgiveness for going against her parents’ wishes by marrying a man of her own choice. The fuming father pulls away his wife from the daughter and tells both his daughter and son-in-law to get out of the house, making the latter to inform them that he will take care of their daughter till his last breath.

The then scene then moves to the current where the daughter sends off her son to school and reminds him to not choose his friends based on skin colour as he has all of it in him. The boy then becomes the glue to reunite his parents and grandparents by arranging a surprise flight with Firefly for the meet up after he found out “accidently” what had happened years ago.

This 3 minutes and 26 seconds video speaks volumes to touch many hearts of Malaysians such as the need to put the negativities aside, having the feeling of belongingness and togetherness with all Malaysians. It clearly shows that Firefly will stand tall, united and will make our “home” proud and harmonious.

“The reality is that every connection in the end, begins with a noble struggle and incomparable sacrifice. We live in a diverse country filled with people whom we call family despite our different cultures and races, a country rich in resources and free from natural disasters. Many stories from the man in the street will confirm that most Malaysians are blind to each other’s skin colour,” said Ignatius Ong, CEO of Firefly Airlines.

Through the various internal and external engagements lined up, the airline anticipates to bring to light the simplest pleasures in life that makes each and every moment special when flying with Firefly.

Watch the airlines very own staff acting in this in-house short video at and stay tuned for various engagement activities on our social media platforms for the whole month of September in conjunction with Malaysia Day.

Written by Budiey

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