Inflight Beverage Carton Recycling: An Initiative by Firefly Airlines & Tetra Pak Malaysia

Firefly Airlines has taken its first step into recycling its inflight beverage cartons by working together with Tetra Pak Malaysia.

Although it is a known fact that it is challenging to recycle inflight items, the airline that goes with the direction Discovery this year, has discovered a way to be able to help preserve the environment in addition to providing more usable objects to people without the need for extra resources. 

Firefly is the first full-service airline in Malaysia that separates used beverage cartons on board for recycling. It is understood that there are two other full-service airlines in Malaysia who does recycling but they do not separate their recyclable waste including Used Beverage Cartons (UBC) on board.

Firefly Airlines & Tetra Pak Malaysia

“Having started with just beverage cartons now, we will gradually begin transitioning to more sustainable initiatives in the near future as we will need to consider space and time pressures on cabin crew to collect materials separately,” said Firefly CEO, Philip See.

He added that recycling cartons is a great way to keep unnecessary waste out of landfills, but your green contribution can start as little as when you are shopping. Tetra Pak cartons are 100% recyclable. The recycled UBCs are collected and recycled into something new and useful such as recycled paper, cardboards, roofing tiles, furniture and many more. 

Terrynz Tan, Environment Director, Cluster South Asia, East Asia Oceania, Tetra Pak International S.A. echoes his sentiments and said, “It has been our goal to introduce recycling to as many Malaysians as possible, and it has been a great journey towards educating more people on the usefulness of beverage cartons even after it has served its purpose. We are honoured to partner with Firefly and look forward to benefitting more communities, increasing the recycling rate and introducing even more collection points as a result of this initiative.

Tetra Pak Malaysia actively drives recycling of UBC through collaborations with the government, communities and other partners to promote public participation in recycling programmes and activities. 

Firefly Airlines & Tetra Pak Malaysia

Background on Firefly

Firefly, Malaysia’s Premium Short-Haul Airline began operations in April 2007. Currently, it operates a fleet of 12 ATR 72-500 turboprops out of Penang and Subang, connecting secondary destinations within the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle as well as providing air linkages between Malaysia and Singapore. Firefly provides incredible value, convenient flight timings and excellent service to its passengers. On the ATR 72-500 passengers are allowed 20kg check-in baggage allowance, provided complimentary in-flight refreshments, assigned seating and convenient city airports. 

Firefly has received numerous awards and recognitions. Firefly received the 2010 Frost & Sullivan Value Airline of the Year award and the Green Initiative of the Year 2010 award by Leaders in Aviation in conjunction with the Doha Aviation Summit. In 2012, Firefly was accorded Most Promising Brand of the Year by Putra Brand Awards. On April 25, 2014 Firefly also received an award for the Transportation, Travel and Tourism category.  In 2011 and 2017, Firefly was conferred “Superbrand” status. Firefly is also recognized as the Best Brand in Aviation for the Brand Laureate. Adding on to the list, Firefly’s latest award received is the Malaysia Tourism Council Gold Award 2018 under the Airlines category.

Firefly connects with the world through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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