Comment Judges Magic Top 5 Showdown

8th Live Show – 22nd June 2011, TOP 5

Song : Check It Out – feat. Nicki Minaj

ML : Ok Hi Panic. Now I know it’s really hard what you were told to do, and to juggle with props. The theme is hard this week. I didn’t really like the opening, it was a little too flat for me. Quiet low in energy as well. But I appreciate, I appreciate that you guys worked out for this set. So good job on that.

AR : Uhhmm.. I kinda wasn’t sure what the opening sequence was. I kinda saw the moves, I understand what it is because I’m in the business, but I don’t think it flowed like it should have. But I liked some of the other stuff that you did. The transition of the box, the handling the staging. So on the whole it was quiet interesting.

JF : Ok Panic as usual you guys come up with concepts and storylines to your performances and we appreciate that. But I kinda feel what maple is trying to say, the starting was a bit messy, it kinda picked up at the end of the set, from the middle of the set. I don’t think this was your best performance girls. Sorry.

Song : Pause – Pitbull

ML : I love it guys I thought you were brilliant! I think tonight you showed that you are multilayered. And what you did with the song, and the props and the magic bit, you were magical. Fantastic!

AR : Yeah I liked the way you guys turned the whole thing into a clown act. I mean I didn’t expect that really. I know you’ve fluffed a couple of the tricks but I think the presentation, and because you positioned it with a clown act, it really didn’t matter, it actually helped the whole presentation. So yeah, really good.

JF : Ok HMC Phlow, permulaan set awak tadi memang very simple tapi very effective. Saya suka permualaan itu. Seperti biasa, I think you manage to inject humour and creativity, at the same time your rhythm and movement is there and on point so congratulations, it was a good show.

Song : Pink – Raise Your Glass

ML : Bounce Stepperz I’ll definitely pay to watch that. We have witnessed your ways of transformation throughout the whole season and look at what you’ve become you are like the masters of illusion. That was very tight. I think your energy was great and what a show, what a show!

AR : You know guys. I’ve spent the last week working with you guys, and this is the best I’ve seen you. Best show of the night technically so far, really.

JF : Apa Khabar Bounce Stepperz. That was a really really confident performance from you guys. You guys have grown into such a good crew and we are really proud to see you guys rock the stage week in week out. Movement was good, choreography was good, it was a really captivating performance. I liked it!

Song : Dirty Dancer – Enrique Iglesias

ML : U know what to be very honest, I didn’t think I was going to expect to see this. Well done guys. What an impact. And I think you guys are like the Bboys that bring the fantasy to live. Bboys bringing the magic fantasy to live. So it was a really really effective set that you did. I think that was your magic bullet right there.

AR : Guys great energy! ahhh Amazing energy! Technically it was all there, the dance moves put into the magic and I thought – pretty tight. Not disappointed at all. Good job, good job!

JF : Waddup Rokusteps, representing the bboys! Although you guys are bboys, today you guys proved that you guys can dance as well. I thought that was a good show. The formations were strong the movements were good, pengunaan pentas yand bagus and you guys look very natural bila buat trik-trik magic tu. Good power moves as well, so overall good good!

Song : S&M – Rihanna

ML : Oh My God! Ho Keng ah! You make me wana levitate when I watch you dance. Wow the coordination and the way you showcase the tricks, you make it very obvious and people know exactly what there are looking at, and you are displaying exactly what you want people to see. That’s showmanship people, showmanship!

AR : of the things I mentioned to you guys before the show was don’t forget you’re not performers you’re entertainers, guys you entertained! And it was great. The recovery at the end Chris, absolutely unbelievable.

JF : Make some noise for ECX! That was crazy. The thing you guys did with the light, your movements were so fast.. Flawless, nearly flawless you know what I mean. Your show had everything you need in a performance. It had the impact, it was mesmerizing, it was a superb performance. Superb! World class!


Panic vs HMC Phlow
JF : I got to give it up to both crews. That was a safe battle I felt. I felt you guys didn’t really take enough risks in that battle at all. However, we did manage to some good movements, some good tact moves you know. You guys had fun on stage and that’s the most important thing.
ML : Ok I thought the battle was really entertaining, rite? I liked it. And I liked that HMC Phlow you put in that extra little something. As usual you put your drama in and you also put your comedy in, which actually took the battle to a different level. But Panic you are a lot stronger than last week, and you are very spot on and I think your technique has improved so much. I think you are swell, but for this battle right here, I think I have to give it to HMC Phlow.

Rokusteps vs Bounce Stepperz
ML : Now I think both crews are very organized, very structured, you knew what you were supposed to do, you had your plan. But Rokusteps, I must say you had some crazy tricks that you invented. Bounce Stepperz bawa props pulak, pandai la awak.
JF : Okie that was a very interesting battle right there. Big shout out to Bounce Stepperz I think you guys tadi tak gentar sangat, memang nampak berani tadi. Yo Rokusteps, I think you guys really impressed us with your combos and there were some really nice individual moves. Very clean. A lot of surprises with the power moves. Ya I think it’s clear, Rokusteps you guys are the winners.

Panic vs Bounce Stepperz
JF : First up, can you guys make some noise for both crews. Okie that was an interesting battle you know. I mean like both crews got their own identity and both crews have their own specialties you know. I was pretty much entertained, I was waiting for the impact, and Bounce Stepperz I think you guys brought it. I want to give out a big shout out to Panic too, because I see you guys have inserted what you guys picked up during your journey in Showdown some top rocking, some freezes, nice one! But I believe we have a verdict, Maple…

ML : Now, before I give the verdict, I’d like to tell the two crews here, you guys have exceeded the norm. So far, on the Showdown stage, you have brought on so much magic, throughout the whole season. So give yourself a round of applause. Ok Bounce Stepperz I see how you work every week so meticulously in your sets, you are fresh and you are very original. And I like your attitude, but sometimes I do see that you loose it and you get confused, especially when you are battling. Now Panic, all these weeks you’ve brought on so much transformation to yourselves, and you have a lot of dramatic intelligence to yourselves, if you don’t already know it. So that’s a weapon that you’ve got. But sometimes you do seem quiet unsure and tentative, and you know a lot of inequalities. But for this battle and judging from your performance tonight overall, I am going to miss you, I am extremely uncomfortable doing this…but one thing is for sure, you leave Showdown tonight but you are going to get a lot of people talking about you and you are going to fly in the industry. I’m going to miss you Panic, you’re leaving the Showdown stage tonight.

Next week’s theme: Show Me Whatcha Got

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