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“Clean And Green Campaign”

A Proactive Step to Instil Love Towards Mother Nature Through Volunteerism

Firefly Airlines in collaboration with Tourism Selangor recently introduced a brand new “Clean & Green” campaign as a tourism package initiative.

Firefly Airlines

This campaign is a voluntary tour which is conceptualized as “Volunteer Tourism” or better known as “Voluntourism”. Firefly in support of this campaign, has given the Tier 3 and Tier 4 bridges of the 7-tier beautiful waterfall at Eco-Rimba Kanching Park (TERK) a brand-new look and has also placed signboards reminding visitors to keep the environment clean.

Firefly Airlines

A team of 10 staff from the airline had a challenging and fun hike up the trial which had giant rocks, scary view and steep stairs which is just next to the waterfall. The Firefly staff took about 20 minutes to hike up and once they reached the Tier 3 and 4 bridges, they started taking the painting equipments out and stroking the bright orange across the pillars of the bridge. A group of them picked rubbish around the area too and brought is down in a black garbage bag.

The main purpose of this campaign is to inculcate the spirit of loving the natural beauty of flora and fauna among the people, especially in places that often attract visitors. TERK being the main tourism spot today in the Selangor state, is currently facing a cleanliness issue due to the increasing number of tourists.

This location is often the main choice for tourists regardless of whether within the State of Selangor or from outside the country. Statistics on tourist arrivals at this location shows a total of 95,311 visitors for the year 2017. With campaigns such as this, it is much more possible to inspire and motivate all levels of society on the importance of environmental responsibility.

The Eco-Rimba Kanching Park (TERK) has been chosen as the site for the “Clean & Green” Campaign for the first time which will take place within one year from February 2018 to February 2019. In addition, a series lucky draw will be held 4 times during the mentioned time frame. This program requires visitors to collect any form of waste or garbage and place it at the designated area at the counter near the entrance of the park.

Firefly Airlines’ Chief Executive Officer said “Firefly as a 100% Malaysian airline is proud to have opportunities to collaborate with Tourism Selangor in an effort to focus on the care, love and maintenance of the environment.

It is important for us to preserve the environment and tourist attraction places especially in Selangor for visitors who often fly to Selangor via Subang. We as Malaysians must cultivate respect for nature both in terms of preserving unexplored and well-known areas. Through this kind of initiative, tourists from Malaysia and abroad will be more interested in traveling to Selangor to enjoy the beauty that we hold,”.

Firefly Airlines

Firefly Airlines

Firefly Airlines

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