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Alvin Tay has a great flare for fashion and has made his mark as an established designer. He is known for his famous couture that continues to dazzle the world with excellence and creativity.

Alvin Tay Couture designs are always a symbol of timeless elegance and due to his passion he has become a Member of Malaysian Official Designer’s Association (MODA).

Alvin Tay

Alvin Tay

He showcases his creations under his own unique label comprising of high-end evening gowns, wedding dresses and refined accessories that are known to suit and cater to every woman’s taste. Carving a niche in the fashion industry, Alvin won the award for the ‘Designer with the most stylish Muse’ in 2010.

Prior to his fashion voyage, Alvin learnt the ropes of the fashion industry when he enrolled himself into the International Academy of Fashion and Design (IFTC) for two years.

Wanting to live out his passion, Alvin Tay entered the doors of the couture industry when he worked with local fashion designers to learn the art of stitching, hand-made embellishments and gorgeous silhouettes.

Finally ripe to launch his own line, he designed the ultimate Alvin Tay Couture collection and since then he has not looked back. Known for his incredible attention to detail and exquisite soft, feminine gowns, Alvin’s clothes are for women who love drapes and delicate ruffles or accessories that add interest to their garments.

Dominating the fashion industry for 19 years, he has diversified his range to cater to all women who are looking for beautiful haute couture. His goal is to transform each dress into an extraordinary piece, turning each woman into the epitome of style. His latest collections at Muse are made especially for the plus-size women.
Elegant femininity, timeless artistry and perfect demeanor are the hallmarks of Alvin’s Tay Couture designer wear for women.


FASHION OBSESSION: Perfection is key when it comes to fashion. My biggest obsession has always been to design a dreamy couture gown to give women that feeling of raw emotion and elegance for them to feel confident and beautiful all over.
PERFECTIONIST AT: Capturing different looks, perfecting glamour and creating contemporary fashion with my expert touch.
ALVIN’S FASHION STATEMENT: High-fashion and glamorous statements

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