MTV Lancar Instagram BOOMERANG Untuk Interaksi MTV EMA 2015

International Global Social Stars to share Exclusive, Personal Images and Videos from the Event. MTV Canvas to Debut Night of Show, Letting Audience Create and Submit Video Spots to Run On-Air Around the World.

Ahead of MTV’s biggest international music event of the year, MTV today announced it is giving fans new ways to interact with and experience the 2015 MTV EMAs. The network is teaming up with Instagram to host a custom booth backstage at the main event, inspired by Instagram’s new Boomerang app, with global music and internet stars Instagramming exclusive images and boomerang style videos throughout the event. Additionally, in the second phase of its international rebrand, the network is debuting MTV Canvas, a new tool found on that gives the audience tools to play with pop culture and create and submit spots to possibly run on-air on MTV’s network of international channels in 160+ countries.


2015 MTV EMAs Social Activations
MTV is collaborating with Instagram to host a custom “Boomerang” inspired booth backstage at the 2015 MTV EMAs, where musicians can capture and Instagram their own Boomerang style videos.

Boomerang is a new standalone app, which was launched by Instagram on Thursday, 22 October, that helps you turn everyday moments into something fun and unexpected. Boomerang takes a burst of photos and stitches them together into a high-quality mini video that plays forward and back. The design is as simple as it gets: press a button and the app does the rest. No login required. The backstage booth is formed of a semi-circle of LED screens playing fast moving images, which will generate live action Booms. The videos will be shared on talent’s own Instagram accounts throughout the event and on MTV EMAs Instagram account.

MTV and Snapchat are also partnering to bring fans closer to the action of the EMAs. Snapchat will be covering the event through a MTV EMA Live Story and have custom MTV EMA geofilters available to Snapchatters attending the show. Additionally, MTV will feature exclusive EMA content from the red carpet, main show and backstage on its international Snapchat Discover channel. Additionally, the network will feature live content on Vine, Facebook and Twitter throughout the night, and will live-stream backstage moments via Periscope.

MTV Canvas
On the night of the 2015 MTV EMAs, the network will unveil MTV Canvas. Created with To.Be, Canvas is an online tool that gives the audience freedom to create and play with the brand and pop culture, making their own visual art with music, backdrops and more. The pre-loaded content will be refreshed on an ongoing basis, starting with MTV EMA-themed assets. Found on, users can share the Canvas video spots they’ve created on Facebook or Twitter, and submit them to run on-air on MTV’s international channels. Videos that have been selected to run on-air will also be featured alongside #MTVBump content on the site. All spots will give credit where due, featuring users’ social media handle.

Images of MTV Canvas and an example of a spot made on MTV Canvas can be downloaded from HERE.

“When our international channels evolved from ‘I want my MTV’ to ‘I am my MTV,’ we knew it would be critical to give our audience different entry points to play with the brand and truly make it their own,” said Bob Bakish, President and CEO of VIMN. “It’s fitting that we launch this tool on one of our biggest nights of the year, and we hope our audience uses MTV Canvas to continue the pop culture revelry in the wake of this year’s show.”

MTV launched #MTVBump earlier this year. #MTVbump connects the Internet to the network’s linear broadcast system, allowing social media videos on Instagram or Vines shared on Twitter with #MTVbump to be up on-air in as little as two hours. MTV collects the videos using a custom content management system (CMS) developed together with B-Reel Creative that allows MTV teams to curate the content, filtering for local relevance, pop culture topicality or number of fans, and then seamlessly scheduling it to be up on-air and across platforms. Users can submit directly on Instagram or with Vines shared on Twitter, or go to, where they can also view the “bumps” that have made it on-air around the world. Numbers vary by market, but in total – #MTVbumps are airing an average of nearly 1,200 times a day across participating markets combined.

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