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Video Khai Bahar Duet Siti Nordiana Trending di Youtube Malaysia

Tak sangka video Khai Bahar Duet Siti Nordiana nyanyi lagu MEMORI BERKASIH yang pernah dinyanyikan oleh Achik & Siti Nordiana telah trending di Youtube Malaysia. Dahsyat jugak suara Khai Bahar ni. Ada bakat dan boleh pergi jauh.

Jom kita tengok senarai Top 5 apa yang jadi trending dan paling digemari oleh penonton Youtube pada minggu ini.

Weekly YouTube Top 5 Trending searches in Malaysia
Last 7 days (May 13)

For top videos, people around the world search for information on YouTube. What follows is a summary of YouTube Search results for the top gainers on when comparing search queries that have risen by the largest percentage for the last seven days.

1) BTS Fire
South Korea’s boy band Bangtan Boys hit the high with their latest song and music video ‘Fire’, gaining more than 14 million views.

2) Khai Bahar
Fans searched for cover songs sang by Khai Bahar after this local talent got into the limelight with his singing with Siti Nordiana virtually on karaoke app Smule.

3) Meletop Kebabom 2016
The latest episode of MeleTOP featured performances from local girl group, ‘De Fam’ to the delight of fans nationwide.

4) SM Town
One of Korea’s most popular recording house for popular girl group Girls’ Generation released Tiffany’s latest music video for her single ‘I Just Wanna Dance’ which has garnered more than 3 million views worldwide within 2 days.

5) NBA Highlights 2016
NBA fans watched video highlights and snippets from the game last week.

* These are separate but related search items, so we grouped them into one line.

Note: This list shows the fastest rising searches, meaning these were the search terms that saw the largest spike in video searches this week.

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