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Ini Cara Fattah Amin & Ayda Jebat Berselfie Dengan Kamera OPPO F5

Selfie looks like this when you use OPPO F5

Counting down the days to the exclusive F5 launch event. OPPO Malaysia is definitely looking forward for the arrival of OPPO F5. The company has always been producing good selfie camera phone which enable users to be confident and perfect in every selfie shots.

Samples of selfie taken by Ayda Jebat and Fattah Amin:-

Selfie of Ayda Jebat taken by OPPO F5

Ayda Jebat (Oppo)

Selfie of Fattah Amin taken by OPPO F5

Fattah Ami (Oppo)

With OPPO F5, users can capture real selfies in any condition, without worrying that their selfies will look fake and unnatural. The tagline, “Capture the real you” has significantly deliver the message that OPPO F5 enables users to capture real selfies that can represent the real-est side of themselves. Hence, OPPO F5 is truly the answer for every real selfie behind. To capture the real selfies, there can only be one way!

On top of that, do not forget to participate the Selfie Battle at OPPO Official Facebook Page, ( to stand a chance to win the limited edition OPPO F5 x ASK 2017. #OPPOF5 #capturetherealyou

Written by Budiey

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