Finalis Akademi Quran Season 4


All the contestants have gone through numerous challenges and obstacles for 8 nerve-wrecking weeks of Akademi Al-Quran season 4 (AQ4), but only 4 out of 12 contestants are qualified to compete in the final of this academic-based competition.

Strapped with impressive skills and outstanding eagerness, it is now time for one of them to bring home the Akademi Al-Quran Season 4 Champion title.

Four lucky finalists who will continue their journey of becoming a Qari and head into the final of AQ4 are Husni bin Ali Hassan (25 years old), Muhammad Ahmad Zahid (15 years old) and brothers, Ahmad Tirmizi Ali (25 years old) and Yahya Ali (23 years old).

This 13-episode reality program is built based on the main concern of TV9 to create the resplendent Al-Quran generation whereby they are able to reveal and uncover the ultimate knowledge of Quran recitation such as Tajwid, Tarannum, Bayati, Qiraat and many others. The content of this program has been getting a great response from more than 600,000 of its audience since it is first aired.

This program which is hosted by Ustaz Mohd Zamri Bin Hj. Mohd Zainuldin, Sharifah Khasif Fadzilah and Khairul Noormaaidah (Aida) also focuses on community work activities such as sports, gotong-royong and visiting charity houses so that the contestants can soak in the positive values in their mind, body and soul.

There is no doubt too that the involvement of these youngsters will somehow increase the efforts of TV9 to encourage Quran recitation and strengthen the taqwa among youngsters in this modern age.

During the whole competition of Akademi Al-Quran 4, the contestants are evaluated not only based on their recitation, but also on their knowledge in interpreting the verses of the Quran. This is due to the intention of educating them to appreciate and understand further the recited verses.

Exciting prizes are also prepared for the winners such as:
Champion of Akademi Al-Quran 4
• AQ4 trophy contributed by Glocal.
• Total cash money of RM30,000 from TV9.
• Umrah package sponsored by Irna Yakin Sdn Bhd
• A digital Al-Quran from Enmac Sdn Bhd

First Runner-Up of Akademi Al-Quran 4
• Total cash money of RM15,000 from TV9.
• A digital Al-Quran from Enmac Sdn Bhd
• AQ4 trophy contributed by CRA Glocal.

Second Runner-up of Akademi Al-Quran 4
• Total cash money of RM10,000 from Mutiara Jati Sdn Bhd
• A digital Al-Quran from Enmac Sdn Bhd
• AQ4 trophy contributed by CRA Glocal.

Third Runner-Up of Akademi Al-Quran 4
• Total cash money of RM2,000 from TV9.
• A digital Al-Quran from Enmac Sdn Bhd

The juries of AQ4 who will be correcting and commenting on the finalists’ areas of weaknesses are Ustaz Mohd Nazeri Abdullah (qiraat), Ustaz Radzi Kamarul Hailan (tarannum) and Ustazah Asni Mansor (tajwid dan fasohah). Meanwhile, AQ4 is led by executive producer Wan Sabariah Shikh Ali and producer Shukri Haji Ibrahim.

The final of Akademi Al-Quran Musim 4 which is expected to be full of suspense will be aired live on 6 August 2010 (Friday) from 9.00pm to 11.00pm from Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC).

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