Dejavu Breakerz Eliminated from Showdown 2011



Song : My Love – Justin Timberlake

ML : Now HMC, You are really a display of amazing talent for rhythm and dance moves. Because your body language is outstanding and your persona is so, I don’t have a word for it you know. Amazing is an understatement. So great job guys! Outstanding!
JL : Ok, HMC from the past two weeks I’ve been very critical about you guys. I haven’t seen the performance that everyone said was so awesome. But tonight you brought it. So good job.
JF : Wassup HMC Phlow. I think your set was fresh, you know what I mean. Memang style. Saya rasa kalau Justin Timeberlake datang Malaysia, dia tak payah bawa dancer. Kamu orang boleh joget.

Song : Caught Up – Usher
ML : Ok Rokusteps. I think you did a very good job doing your homework in replicating some of Ushers choreography. But I think Ushers moves are very sleek. The way you execute them, they are very sleek. So I think if you paid more attention to that, that would have made your show a whole lot better. But there was some very interesting formation that was your style, which I liked very much, so overall well done guys!

JL : Rokusteps, this week saya minta maaf la tapi kamu orang punya steps tak cukup tepat la. Memand lacking sikit la. But you guys bring it on everytime, you are one of the two crews here that I see has individuality, and you bring it on every week. I hope this week you guys are not in the bottom four, not like last week. Hope people vote for you guys. Good show.

JF : Ok Rokusteps, kita semua tahu Rokusteps adalah sebuah krew breakdance crew dan saya rasa ini memang mencabar kerana diberi lagu Usher. I think you guys did an OK job, I like the fusion though. I like the fusion between the dancing and all the breaking, power moves and all that. It was a good show.

Song : Where you at – Tae Yang
ML : You know what Stepholic, I really loved that. That was exceptional for your level. You know, all these weeks we’ve been seeing you and you really stepped up tonight. And I love your feel, that was great feel. And the way you grooved that was fantastic. Well done!
JL : You guys replicated the parts, no problem in fact it was awesome but the representing part I’m not sure because I still don’t understand the esthetic of your routine and choreography after three weeks. You guys are good so keep it up la.
JF : Saya suka cara krew awak replicate the moves from the video, tapi saya lebih kagum dengan koreografi awak pada minggu ini. Sebelum ini saya tak rasa yang Stepholic mampu impress saya, but today, that was good man. You guys have got to maintain this level throughout the competition.

Song : Yeah x3 – Chris Brown
ML : Force 136, I don’t think you make very good copycats. I didn’t think you copied very well what was supposed to be done and I didn’t think your choreography had any substance to it. Tak payah buang masa buat benda benda yang terlalu senang, a lot of fluff here and there macam nak kill time you know. I think your drive should be focused on the fear of being mediocre. You should push yourselves to work harder, to a higher level.
JL : This was not the best routine from Floor 136, Force 136 sorry. This is not the best routine yang aku pernah nampak dari kamu orang. Tak Tahu la, mungking semangat dari minggu lepas, kamu orang down sikit kan. Tapi you have your style. I think you guys compared to Stepholic, you guys are reversed. They replicated, but you guys represented for me. Thanks.

JF : Wassup Force 136, Wah! Semua handsome handsome hari ini ah. Macam ini la imej bagus, Bboy. Ok, kita ambil yang positive ya, saya suka bila kumpulan Bboy move out of their comfort zone and learn how to do choreography and dancing. Itu yang positive, tapi macam Maple dan Joe Lee cakap, this is not your best set u know, I’ve seen much better from you guys and I expect better from you guys next week. So keep it up man.

Song : Like I Love You – Justin Timberlake
ML : My ladies, you really got your groove on and I love it. I think so far this is your best performance for me. So far. And you’ve become so much stronger now in your moves, the quality of your moves and you’re groovier which I saw tonight, and you are smooth and sultry. You are the perfect package.
JL : Just for tonight, I would like to apologize to the girls of Panic, because I called you guys stripperealer aerobics. Which is what I usually feel when I see your performance. But tonight, you guys had that extra punch there, that extra energy, I don’t know where you pulled it from. You guys are amazing. But, but when you pop, especially when you pop your bootie and your lady lumps, have a bit more finest so that you don’t look so whore, alright. Thank you.
JF : Hi girls. Ok today I think I saw another side of Panic, a more mature more aggressive side to your group which I like. I hope you guys keep surprising us with your performances. That was a great set. Good one.

Song : Somebody to love – Justin Bieber
ML : Ok Dejavu, I must admit there was some pretty whack moments in your choreo. We are looking for the wow factor and not the whack factor, If you know what I mean , by now. And still I cant stress enough of the quality of your movements and how you execute them. All this boil down to your style. Without a doubt you have fantastic Bboy moves and strength, but the dancing to me, it’s really not up to standard. Im sorry.

JL : I think what Maple was going for was amateurish. Apa aku Nampak tu sama je la, bboy competition mana mana lebih kurang je. I mean at this stage of competition aku rasa, you all should have gone further. If you guys are still in, fight your way through.
JF : Your performance was better than last week. Tapi saya masih risau untuk kumpulan awak kerana level dan kreativiti and koreografi awak tu harus dipertingkatkan dengan banyak, alright. You really really got to step it up a lot. The replication was alright, but when you guys went into your own choreography it went down again. The energy level is not consistent throughout your set.

Song : I Get It In – Omarion
ML : Blazin I think you have the potential to be hotter. You are still not dancing in sync ok. When you dance you really have to dance together because you are a crew. It seems to me there is still a lot of inequalities in your group. And when you do all your freezes, when you replicated, you’re still not doing it together, alright. So you have to learn to be perfectionist. That is something I’ve still yet to see from your crew. But overall you are great at creating an impact. There was impact.
JL : Im glad tonight the portions that they chose for you guys to replicate, you guys pulled it off. But as Maple said, you guys need to bring out the dancer in you. There is too much Bboy, try and balance it out so that visually we can see something more exciting.
JF : Blazin Squad, saya rasa video yang diberikan kepada anda agak susah, tapi saya rasa awak berjaya melakukannya dengan agak baik. Dan saya juga suka how you guys continue it with your moves. I think this week you guys impressed me a lot more than last week.

Song : Tian Di Yi Dou – Jay Chou
ML : You know what ECX, you really have nothing to worry about you know. I mean, you replicated and you not only represented, but you totally reinvented yourselves. You know what I think Jay Chou, would definitely hire you for his MTV ok. For sure. And I think you are outstanding, you really are.

JL : Showdown stage is one for dancers like you guys. Skill and showmanship. The other crews better learn what you guys are doing right, because you guys are the guys to beat right now.
JF : I think Jay Chou should be worried man, coz I think you guys dance better than Jay Chou, really. For real. I think today you guys displayed you guys can master one element which is crucial, which is speed. You guys can speed up your set and slow down your set just like that. That’s crazy. Great job!

Song : Rhythm Nation – Janet Jackson
ML : You know what Borneo, I think you can be a lot tighter than that, you know. After all these weeks I know you’ve learnt a great deal and I think you can be a lot tighter, if you pay attention to the small details that make the big difference. Ok? You really really need to step up because you’ll never know. If you disappoint the audience you’re not going to get enough votes right, so you really have to pay attention to choreography as well. You really need to learn, there is no time to waste. You really need to get to work and be exposed. And be interested in the other dance genres or other skills that you can acquire. So good luck guys.
JL : To your credit, bukan senang nak replicate someone like Janet Jackson, especially rhythm nation, so I think it was a good effort. For Bboys you guys did good. Tapi macam Maple cakap, your finishing is still quite raw. You don’t have that extra punch there. Mesti terlanjur la, tergelincir sikit, so if you guys are in, you still need to work on that a lot, because that’s been happening for the past two weeks and its happened again this week.
JF : Borneo Crew saya rasa krew awak memulakan persembahan awak dengan bagus, the first 30 secs was good, but you guys went down after that. You guys have to find a way to keep the energy and maintain the energy throughout the whole set, itu je. If you guys do that, then its going to be alright.

Song : Kiss Kiss – Chris Brown
ML : You know Bounce Stepperz im so impressed by you guys tonight. Im so impressed. You know I think you are one of the most versatile crews in the competition. You can krump you can do zapin, I really like that you know, and I have a lot of respect for you. I know you guys dance a lot as for a living everyday, but you still found time to learn and I have respect for that. Great job guys.
JL : Sebenarnya replicate and represent, I thought they should have given you guys Justin Bieber, sebab kamu orang ni comel-comel. But, minggu ini I saw a different side to you guys, like Maple said versatility. And you guys are like Floor Fever junior. You are getting there.
JP : Ok, Bounce Stepperz good show, good show. Really good. Your confidence is up and it really shows in your set and your faces and how you guys were on stage. And that is good. Since you guys are the last to perform, I must say that you guys are the most improved crew for this week.

BOTTOM 4 – battle :

Stepholic VS Bounce Stepperz } Stepholic }
} Dejavu Breakerz
Borneo Crew VS Dejavu Breakerz } Dejavu Breakerz }

Stepholic vs Bounce Stepperz
– I think Bounce Stepperz you’ve redefined battling. You infuse so many things into your top rock your down rock, and you’ve made yourself really different. Stepholic, you’ve got great style, and I like your attitude, you seem quite in tune in mindset for the battle. This battle was won by the more organized crew. The one with the better plan. The one where the leader had a better strategy to win it – Bounce Stepperz you’ve won it.

Borneo Crew vs Dejavu Breakerz
– In a battle like this, with two breakdance crews when you step out to battle you have to make sure you guys are one. If not its better to just go out individually. I saw a lot of tech moves that were not synchronized, timing wise was bad, unsure of the movement coming from Dejavu Breakerz and I saw some individual display of skill coming from Borneo Crew, so its not really a matter of berapa orang buat satu benda its who does it better. Borneo Crew you’re the winner.

Dejavu Breakerz face Stepholic
– Stepholic this week you guys impressed us with your set. The first two weeks wasn’t really good, but this week you stepped it up, so that is a good thing. Dejavu breakerz although your set wasn’t that great in the past few weeks, in the battle you guys showed spirit but not enough.

Written by Budiey

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