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Video Muzik SELAMAT TINGGAL SAYANG Haqiem Rusli Trending di Youtube Malaysia

Weekly YouTube Top 5 Trending searches in Malaysia

Last 7 days (July 13)

1. Haqiem Rusli – Selamat Tinggal Sayang ( Official Music Video )

The singer’s latest single has gone viral amid rumours of mild depression and controversy of him being dropped by his music label.


2. France 1 – 0 Belgium | 2018 FIFA World Cup | Astro SuperSport

Football fans relive the highlights and sole goal from the semifinal match between the two neighbouring rival nations.

3. TWICE(트와이스) “Dance The Night Away” M/V

The Korean girl group’s latest music video broke their own personal record for most views on YouTube in 24 hours, garnering over 24 million views since it’s release on July 9.


4. Elizabeth Tan – Police Entry (Official Music Video)

The Malaysian singer’s latest single has got her fans praising the catchy melody as well as the choreography and production of the music video.


5. Hello TUNs – Malaysia’s Amazing Couple

Malaysia’s Prime Minister and First Lady showed their cheeky, loving and funny sides as they were interviewed by Kashika, a curious 10-year-old.

Note: This list shows the fastest rising searches, meaning these were the search terms that saw the largest spike in video searches this week.


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