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Ulasan Penonton Filem THE SHALLOWS

Ramai juga yang tertarik nak menonton filem THE SHALLOWS. Semalam, seramai 97 orang Budieyators dah menonton. Seperti biasa lah, selepas menonton Budieyators yang datang dipaksa untuk menulis dan menyiarkan ulasan ringkas mereka di sosial media. Jom la kita baca apa pendapat diorang.

Filem The Shallows

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This is my take on THE SHALLOWS…

Saya kasi 5/5 Dirham!!!.

Let me start of by saying, i love this movie so much. I love everything about it. The acting, the screenplay, the filming, the location, the camerawork, the subtle CGI, the pace and the editing. Everything lah. And i enjoy every moment of it, including the very thin GSC paper cup lids and the moment when i poured myself an enormous amount of Coke, diabetic friendly light coke that is (Yah!).

However, this is the kind of a movie that you need to watch it on the big screen to really have that real eerie and chilling feeling. You will not get the same feeling if you watch it on TV especially with pirated CDs.

Cleverly separated into four equally important parts, this story starts on a journey of a surfer Nancy Adams who is in grief over a loss of a love ones, was then transported into the second part very national geographic like showcase of beautiful beach and the wonder of the nature, which then when into the third part which is very tom hank castaway guide of survival and finally to the epic battle between man over nature where determination and steadfastness will prevail, or will it? The final part is like watching Sandra Bullock’s Gravity, but this time under water.

Yes, Its like national Geographic + Castaway + Gravity + Jaws all put together for a 1 hour 45 minutes of delights, thrill and emotional roller-coaster.

Beautifully written to intensify the emotional baggage of insecure lady was superbly acted by Blake Lively, who also happen to have a supermodel body, which i personally think is not needed to be exhibited in this movie. Who then out of necessity turns into a stalwart by her sheer determination to survive when she accidentally went into a feeding ground of a very angry shark. Survival requires knowledge in any situation and explain how being brave is not enough, if you are intellectually deficient aka stupid.

So basically i think the film is brilliant because its not easy to tell such a simple subject in a very provocative and captivating ways.Unlike the movie Jaws, which have too many actors and too many movement and stories in between, this one is rather very simple. Perhaps i am being bias because i, love beaches, island and i love the movie Castaways and Gravity and i myself requires a reinforcement and motivation to be firm.

I think this film will be nominated in many awards and its not surprising if it wins the Oscar for best acting, best screenplay, and best movie of the year.

But we all have our own opinion.

I would like to thank Budiey Isma because i personally told him that i want to watch and review this movie, and i am not disappointed.

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Thank you and muahs muahs.

Filem The Shallows

AJ Razak


What happens when you finally reached a secret beach with beautiful blue waters…..paradise discovered. Hell yes paradise indeed laced with beautiful sandy beach and big waves to die for (literally speaking ) which will make diehard surfers go weak in the knees.

Throw in a clever man eating shark and a medical school drop out who fought to stay alive in the ocean and a clever story telling layout SHALLOWS was a surprise package indeed. SHALLOWS delivered entertainment, suspense, thrill and loads of chilling moments. 

This premiere screening was hosted by Budiey Isma and  Cyrill Hassan of


Alan Che Wan

First up, sehabis menonton movie The Shallows ini, sebuah tajuk teater terus menerjah ingatan… for some reason I don’t know why… The Vagina Monologues… 

Yang pertama, kerana Gossip Girl Blake Lively itu banyak bermonologue;

Kedua, beliau seorang wanita cantik… yang hang “garit” sangat nak pi Mexico sorang2 ber-surfing di teluk rahsia bagai tu kenapa?

I mean of course saya nak menonton a beautiful blonde berbikini digigit ikan Jerung Putih yang nak sama besar dengan Ikan Paus tu kan…

Seorang perempuan dan seekor ikan jerung putih, ramuan yang bagi idea yang simple tetapi dengan shot dan angle yang cantik, dengan graphic handphonenya… enter iPhone product placement dengan Facetimenya dan Go Pro… yang dikongsi dengan penonton movie. Apa lagi yang penonton nak? Kan?… 

Walaubagaimapun saya tak akan meletakkan movie bajet- gred B ini dalam liga yang sama dengan franchise ikan jerung “Jaws” atau franchise ikan “Piranha”.

Monologue dan shot cantik The Shallows mengingatkan kepada “The Life of Pi”. Sepertimana sebeuah persahabatan yang dibina dengan seekor Harimau, wanita cantik blonde ini membina persahabatan dengan burung Camar… a seagull she called “Steven Segal” … ok lame joke…

Tetapi dengan penggambaran, music yang menghambat perasaan penonton untuk menggigit kuku menanti seorang perempuan cantik dibaham ikan yu putih is definitely going to be the thriller of the season…

Saya berikan 3.5/5

Written by Budiey

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