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Ulasan Jujur Filem ME BEFORE YOU dari Budieyators

Semalam, boleh dikatakan rata-rata yang menonton filem ME BEFORE YOU keluar dari dewan panggung dengan mata berair. Masuk habuk kata mereka. Budiey dah pun pesan kat korang supaya bawak sekali tisu atau sapu tengan.

Sebuah filem yang menampilkan pelakon yang cukup serasi dengan watak. Suka dengan watak pasangan ini. Dengan jalan cerita yang membuatkan korang rasa mahu mengikuti kisah percintaan sehingga tamat. Apa-apa pun, korang bacalah kat bawah ini, antara ulasan yang sempat Budiey ambil dari pembaca yang hadir semalam.

Hatta Dolmat

ME BEFORE YOU : Try not to cry. Cry a lot. ‪#‎mebeforeyou‬ i love this movie, it’s about life and hope, love and live, happy, sad and beautiful story line. I been waiting for this movie with high expectation same like ‪#‎tfios‬ before unfortunately #tfios end disappointing kind of slow and boring ( when it too much tears it will annoyed would say.) compare to ‪#‎loverosie‬ movie omaigadd it much more better! So, this is the types of movie that i love to watch, if you have inmind of taking me out for movie, u know what the best okay? Hahaah

Me before you; If God give you chance to live, why should we choose to die? If God give u challenge to build back hope to live by another person, will you take that? If God give you someone physically disable, will you stay? And when someone fall in love with you, even when he/she cant give anything like a normal couple get and you lose hope and you wont live anymore, will you live for your love? 

I cried watching this movie., sometimes God give you everything you want in this life a perfect life i would say, but when god pull one thing from our life., should we give up? 

A must watch movie, i would watch this again and again., i wonder if one day, i’ll get married., but i cant give child to my wife., will she stay? So i understand why Will ( the actor) done it. 

Go and watch! With a special person so that your special one will appreciate you more after watch this movie. 

Thank you @budiey For the invite! Tq for having me join the premier! I love the movie deep much. ‪#‎premierewithbudiey‬

Asri Ray

Saya bagi 3.5/5 bintang
Filem ini diadaptasi dari novel karya
Jojo Moyes dan diarahkan oleh pengarah teater terkenal di London iaitu Thea Sharrock.
Dari segi pemilihan pelakon, Sharrock telah membuat pemilihan yang tepat dengan mengambil Sam Claflin sebagai pelakon utama memegang watak sebagai William Traynor. Siapa yang tak kenal Claflin dengan watak Finnick Odair dalam filem Hunger Games. Tetapi watak beliau di dalam filem ini amat berbeza sekali. Will Traynor merupakan seorang hartawan tetapi telah lumpuh akibat kemalangan. Segala pergerakan dan aktiviti beliau sangat terhad dan lakokan Claflin dalam Me Before You ini amat berkesan sekali.
Watak Traynor dibantu oleh Lou Clarke (dilakonkan oleh Emilia Clark, pelakon terkenal drama series Game of Throne) tetapi peranan beliau di dalam filem ini jauh berbeza apabila dia ditugaskan untuk menjaga Traynor yang lumpuh. Clarke merupakan seorang wanita yang kuat, bekerja keras dan tidak mudah putus asa.
Lakonan mantap mereka berdua sangat menghidupkan jalan cerita filem ini.
Filem percintaan romantis (ada serba sedikit humor) pada mulanya agak mudah untuk dijangka bagaimana pengakhirannya tetapi jangkaan saya meleset sama sekali. Saksikan bagaimana babak babak percintaan mereka berputik.
Saya bagi 3.5 daripada 5 bintang untuk Me Before You. Saksikan di pawagan berdekatan.

Lili Lajman

My review of the film Me Before You:

while undeniably heartbreaking, this silver screen adaptation of Jojo Moyes’ romantic novel of the same name has just the right amount of humour, charm and sweetness to balance its melodramatic expressions. 

thus a winner in my book.

those who know me know that i am generally a skeptical cynic (or cynical skeptic, whichever you prefer). hence, i am extremely difficult to please when it comes to romantic films. and i admit that i came to catch Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke simply because i adore them from The Hunger Games and Game of Thrones respectively, not because of the story. 

let me be honest, i have not even read the 2012 source material. but the film’s witty screenplay, also written by Moyes, has caught my heart. everything is so British: the decorum, the jokes, the sarcasm, the breathtaking location, even the incessant downpour… and that’s really my cup of tea.

the plot is pretty straightforward. Louisa Clark (a very bubbly and lovely Clarke), a good-natured girl who is bursting with life meets Will Traynor (a dashing Claflin, as always – damn those dimples!), a suffering quadriplegic who is nothing less than a morbid obnoxious prat. while there is the initial icy-cold period, sparks then fly after they slowly but surely warm up to each other. 

unfortunately, Will has other plans in mind and this is where pocket tissues would come in handy. [guys, here’s a tip before you take a gal to watch Me Before You: pack a handkerchief so that you can be that classy gentleman who offers a handkerchief when a lady starts to pretend there is dust in her eyes.]

i will not sugarcoat it though – the story is formulaic and therefore unsurprisingly laden with clichés. but these are minor flaws next to the brilliant chemistry shared by Claflin and Clarke. in fact, it is Clarke’s radiant presence which makes the film so good. her colourful quirky fashion decisions notwithstanding, the character Louisa exudes such unwavering sincerity that one just cannot help but root for her… and cry with her.

the supporting cast -including Charles Dance (another Game of Thrones star) and Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbotttom of the Harry Potter film franchise)- delivers commendable performances all around. the soundtrack, especially personal favourites like Ed Sheeran’s Photograph and X Ambassadors’ Unsteady, complements the mood well too.

if one looks beyond the tragic love story theme, one can see that the narrative is also about the spirit of living -or the lack or it- as well as the love shared by family and support from parents to their children’s wishes regardless of social and economic backgrounds.

melancholic yet beautiful. totally recommended.

AJ Razak

The onion ninjas made a visit to hall 4 at the movies. Many wet teary eyes sighted as ME BRFORE YOU caught momentum. 

When a hired caregiver brought laughter and joy to her employer’s son, the bond grew to love.

A beautifully crafted tearjerker, ME BEFORE YOU explored the pain of falling in love where the mind is willing but the soul is not.

Hosted by Budiey Isma and Cyrill Hassan of, this movie should be seen by all because it brought joy, laughter, tragedy, pain and the beauty of love.



On a foot note, Switzerland is the only country in the world that has legalised assisted suicide in the presence of a medical authority. Other EU nations are either trying to get it legalised or banned globally. The right to die in dignity is no longer a gift from the Almighty but a personal choice.

Cyrill Hassan

Satu lagi filem romantik yang sedang hangat diperkatakan dengan judul Me Before You diadaptasi dari novel dengan judul yang sama tulisan Jojo Moyes sudah mula ditayangkan di pawangam mulai 02.06.2016

Kisah bagaimana Louissa Clarke diambil berkerja oleh keluarga Traynor sebagai care taker kepada anak mereka William Traynor yang mengalami lumpuh separuh badan. Pada suatu masa Lou menyedari tindakan William untuk menamatkan riwayatnya sendiri lantaran tekanan yang dihadapinya.

Tekad untuk merubah pendirian William, Lou berusaha untuk mengembalikan erti kehidupan kepada William sehingga terbit rasa cinta dan kecewa…..

Siapa yang kecewa? Itu saya tinggalkan kepada anda untuk cari jawapannya.

Ya, filem ini sangat meruntun kalbu. A heartbreaking film. Membawa penonton melalui pengalaman emosi yang hebat. So sila bawa tisu semasa anda menonton filem ini.

Rating : 4.5/5. Untuk pembaca yang ingin turut serta di event ‪#‎PremiereWithBudiey‬, sila layari blog budieydotcom untuk maklumat peraduan serta info terkini gaya hidup dan berita selebriti tanah air.

Wahida Alidrus

Me Before You…Gazillion thanks our awesome host Budiey Isma @budiey for a very much awaited movie premier! 

Well…this movie is without doubt highly recommended to sob story junkies out there! 

Will Traynor(Sam Claflin) is a broken spirited successful hyperactive hunk who ended up wheelchair bound after a tragic accident…paralyzed from chest to bottom after he got hit by a motorcycle and is constantly in tremendous pain for the past two years… he gave up on life… 6 months…? haihhhss… 

His parents decided to employ a ridiculously cheerful village girl Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke) with a quirky sense of style to be his personal companion…sort of nurse him a bit and… you will enjoy seeing how her eccentric personality managed to change a grumpy hollow Will Traynor to a soft hearted hunk he used to be… hmmm maybe just 50% of his old self..

As expected sparks between them were ignited… love strucked! And a bit of hope was restored… I mean I was hopeful haha!
The question is… is it strong enough to change his 6 months plan? I say go watch the movie guys! Personally I hate the ending to the point of anger! Hmmmm!

Watched with my usual ‪#‎budieyators‬Has LinaNamzaroon PenangLili LajmanChie Moy and gang… Sal Tarmizi and Mohd Hanafiah Jamil go watch this!

Cikgu Fahrul

Cerita yang sarat dengan erti kehidupan walaupun ketika diri tidak berupaya melawan ketentuan tuhan. Ajal maut di tangan tuhan, hargailah sesama manusia selagi nyawa dikandung badan. Usah dijadikan sesalan selagi masih ada masa untuk dikongsi bersama. Filem ME BEFORE YOU… Saya kasi 5/5. 


[email protected] ulasan ‪#‎mebeforeyou‬ : tak tau nk ckap mcm mne, satu cerita yg ckop asam garam kehidupan.ada suke, ada duka, ade pengajaran, ada feeling, n ckop la semua nya.boleh kate kan citer ni perfect sngat, lagi2 ttang kehidupan seorg yg ceria dan lasak ttbe lumpuh dr bdan ke bwah dlm 1 kmlangan.Dlm citer ni jgak spt mencerita kan walau kaya mana pon kite kalau dah di takdir kan kita sakit, xkan boleh pulih selain memilih jln mmg best la citer ni, xboring n sepanjang citer saya sendri asik tersnyum melihat gelagat heroin Lou clarke yg sntiasa berusaha utk happy kan tuan (kekasih) beliau Will traynor…saya spt paham.perasaan will traynor.tu,krn saya juga berkerusi roda, tp x la seteruk beliau yg hnya boleh mengerakan kepala sahaja,tp knkdang mmg org yg dah lumpuh ni akan rasa spt dunia telah berakhir bt.mereka… 😉 Kalau nk citer pjang ni, yg lain g la tgk di pawagam yer..5🌟🌟🌟🌟Budiey Ismay Cyrill Hassan


Got a chance watching the premiere of Me Before You tonight. Verdict? Mixed feeling! Love the plot but the ending could have been better. 😒 I like this movie way more than The Vow (the one people raved about, but i just couldn’t relate LOL). Love both main casts and their chemistry. At first i thought this movie’s going to be all sad and sappy but turned out it wasn’t (thank god!). I giggled a lot! and i like all the songs in it too, i waited all the way through credits just to capture their song list – one of them was Thinking Out Loud, it IS a great song you can’t fight me on this. 😜 glad i chose this movie over Ninja Turtles (or maybe i should watch it first before saying this..? Next time then!) 

If romcom or chick flicks is your kind of movie, you wouldn’t want to miss watching this. 😉 but the ending though, really?! 😒🙄😶

Sam Claflin’s smile is dreamyyy! Pfttt Channing Tatum who?


This is my review after watching Me Before You, yesterday in GSC One Utama.
This movie was about a paralyzed man (Will Traynor) after he met with an accident with a motorbike, and his caretaker (Lou Clarke), needed to work to earn a living for her family.
It started with Will, being an arse towards Lou and from that moment, Will, who are already given up hope to live, made a deal with his parents, giving them 6 months for him to change his mind, whether to live or to die in Switzerland (because of the law there is legal for you to take your own life with the medical assistance). Lou tried to convince Will to not go to Switzerland, and to no avail she did not succeed, but throughout the 6 months of her trying to convince Will, they somehow fell in love. Want to know more detail about this movie? Go and catch it in your nearby cinemas starting June 3rd!!!
This movie supposed to be a tear-jerker, but it seems like, my tears did not find it’s way out!
Anyways, I’ll give it 4🌟 out of 5🌟..
Thank yoBudiey Ismama for hosting this movie!!

Written by Budiey

Penggemar filem seram yang obses dengan gajet & teknologi terkini dan masih tegar menjadi pengendali portal hiburan & gaya hidup sejak tahun 2007. Kini aktif menjadi Youtuber & Podcaster yang menemubual selebriti dalam BORAK SINI HABIS SINI dan menerbitkan program BULETIN VIRAL di Budiey Channel.


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