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Ulasan Filem INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY dari Penonton

Terima kasih buat semua selebriti dan influencers termasuk pelakon, pelawak, pengarah dan penerbit terkenal, Datuk Afdlin Shauki sudi hadir di Premiere With Budiey menonton filem seram INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY yang diadakan semalam. First time ni! Harap sudi hadir lagi di masa akan datang. Maaf jika ada kekurangan. Maklumlah semalam tiket semua FREE SEATING.
Terima kasih dan selamat tahun baru 2018 @afdlinshaukiofficial tak sabar nak baca ulasan dari Datuk ni. Ulasan Penonton Filem INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY

Jom kita baca ulasan dari penonton:

Ben Syamil (Budieyators)


Yesterday I was given the chance to attend the premiere viewing of the movie courtesy of Budiey Isma (SHOUTOUT AND THANKS BANG!) . The movie follows the Chapter 3 and it focuses more on Elise (Lin Shaye)’s backstory. I won’t be comparing this movie with its predecessors, tho.

What I look in a horror movie is not just some simple jump scares that makes me scream (I can get that by watching Malay horror movies, which is as got as it gets). Instead, I look towards Dabbe-like storyline, which focuses on the actual plot and gradual character development, which Insidious: The Last Key was able to deliver albeit a few hiccups here and there.

IMHO, I’d prefer the 3rd movie, but this sequel brought me a few unexplained feelings, mostly owing to the fact that this time around, it focuses on Elise’s dark past and we were brought down a quite scary backstory of how Elise came to be.

In this movie we are again introduced to Tucker and Specky, which for those who watch the earlier sequel knows that they met with Elise in Chapter 3. Note that this time around the movie was not named as a Chapter, meaning that this time around this movie is a a standalone story-telling of the actual franchise.

The only hiccups this time around are perhaps the vague character developments. Who is Ted Garca? Who is Anna? What happened to Christian? What happens to all the other killed characters? It left me with questions that does not sit well with me. And the continuity is also questionable, and it seems like the ending is a little bit rushed. The side stories are not as well-explained as it should be, and it left me questioning at the end of the movie with what-ifs.

What I like most about the movie is perhaps Lin Shaye herself, of course, and the way she brought Elise to life. Giving the chance for Elise to have her own major role is perhaps the biggest attraction this movie can give. The comic relief brought by Tucker and Specky also served as a tension breaker in some scenes, and I really like that.

All in all, perhaps NOT the best movie from the franchise, but still worth it to be lined up with the rest of the Insidious family.

A solid 8.5/10 from me.


Insidious The Last Key ini adalah filem keempat dari siri ini. Timeline filem ini adalah sequel kepada Insidious 3 tetapi masih prequel kepada Insidious 1. Kalau ikut timeline adalah seperti berikut:
Insidious 3,
Insidious 4,
Insidious 1,
Insidious 2.


The movie is a MAJOR failure!

Not only is this the worse Insidious movie, it also ruins the whole idea of “The Further”. First rule about ghost/supernatural/sci-fi movie is you must follow the principle you have set. Not only “The Further” had the wrong ambience and feel, it also failed to create the surrealism being in that world. My issue is why change the formula that worked well in the original Insidious? Not a smart move I’d say.

Here, you see more ghosts appear in the real world just like any other scary movies and the biggest problem is we have seen all before. No surprise elements at all, we can already predicted what is going to happen before the story unfolds. The time-travelling premise which was first introduced in Insidious 2 can also be seen here but not giving the impact it should have. Let me not get started with the off-putting flirting. The comic relief from the two sidekicks was really cringe-worthy.

In general, the movie is highly dependent on predictable JUMP SCARES (the one with the high pitch sound but really no essence) and this is so NOT JAMES WAN’S STANDARD. I think James Wan wont even recognize this movie being the continuity of his legacy.

The only savior is seeing Lin Shaye in a convincing performance and original Insidious ghost cameo. Other than that, the movie is A MISS.

2 Stars


Written by Budiey

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