Travel Tips Balik Kampung

Travel Tips – How TomTom can help with a Safe and Smooth Balik Kampung Journey during the Raya Holidays

TomTom, the world’s leading navigation solutions provider, offers some simple tips for a safe and smooth Balik Kampung journey this Raya.

1. Stay on track with a GPS: Let a GPS take the stress out of driving. Even if during the Raya rush you miss a turn, TomTom GPS will recalculate the route automatically and get you where you need to go with minimal stress and distraction.
2. No paper maps needed: Handling and reading maps while driving is a feat we have all attempted, but it’s a significant distraction. Even with a passenger doing the map reading and providing directions you are better off when the passenger I using a TomTom GPS.

3. TomTom GPS improves night driving safety: TomTom GPS can give you better road awareness at night and in low-visibility conditions. At night, and especially during bad-weather night driving, a GPS will tell you about, and show you an upcoming turn, ramp, etc. long before you can see it. On dark back roads or unfamiliar streets, the GPS map will give you a preview of what’s ahead.

4. You know which lane to be in: One of the challenges of driving on unfamiliar and busy multi-lane highways is knowing which lane you’ll need for an upcoming exit. A good-quality text-to-voice GPS will tell and clearly show you the correct lane well in advance. TomTom’s Advance Lane Guidance provides information regarding upcoming lane changes and clearly shows you which lane to take at junctions with photo realistic junctions views. This can be particularly helpful for city driving.

5. Safety features: TomTom’s GPS come with built-in safety features such as hands-free calling, special “help” buttons that show you the nearest mosque or surau, petrol station, police station, hospital and more. Great for driving to new or unfamiliar destinations.

6. Use the voice directions: Rely primarily on the voice directions, with an occasional glance at the map (much as you would glance at the speedometer or other instrument) to confirm or preview turns.

7. Mount the GPS away from important sight lines: Position your GPS low and near the dashboard and out of key driving sight lines.

8. Use the speed limits indicator: Turn the warnings on for your speed limits so that if you’re speed creeps above where it should be, TomTom will warn you to slow down. This will ensure you do not get a saman and create safer driving on the roads this Balik Kampung.

9. Don’t programme the GPS while moving: Enter your destination before you start your journey. If you need to cancel or change a destination, pull over at a rest stop and re-programme.

10. Always use hands-free calling: The TomTom GO 750 comes with Bluetooth hands-free calling. Link up your mobile to the TomTom Bluetooth as soon you get in the car to save having to pull over later.

Safety is a key priority in the development of all TomTom products. TomTom’s XL 250, XXL 550 and GO 750 all come with comprehensive safety features, so drivers always have direct access to safety and roadside assistance information wherever they go.

The extensive ‘Help Me!’ menu includes information such as emergency and breakdown service numbers, directions to the nearest hospital, car maintenance advice and first aid instructions.

Advanced safety preferences also allow the user to set their own requirements regarding speed warnings, timed driving breaks and menu accessibility options.

TomTom GPS also include safety features such as voice navigation for hands-free operation. Voice prompts alert you to changes in your route.

TomTom features such as Advanced Lane Guidance provide information regarding upcoming lane changes, which can be particularly helpful for city driving.

Stay safe this Raya!

Written by Budiey

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