Behind the headlines lies a captivating family, whose lives have been unwillingly played out before cameras for decades. After 40 years in the business together, Jackie, Jermaine, Tito and Marlon, have sold more than 250 million albums worldwide. Now, the brothers allow unprecedented access into their world as they record new material and rehearse for the 40th anniversary celebration of The Jackson Five. “The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty” will chronicle the brothers’ relationships with each other, their parents and their children, while also balancing the demands of their professional commitments and celebrity. The series will also document the brothers’ coming to terms with Michael’s tragic loss and how to properly honor his legacy.

“The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty” will follow the brothers as they record vocals for a song on Michael’s This Is It soundtrack; attend the bittersweet premiere of the film; travel to London to support Tito who is a special guest star for musical legend Gladys Knight at a Wembley Arena concert performance; and try to balance their obligations as The Jackson Five while also pursuing their individual interests and projects.

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Series Synopsis:
A new real-life series that will chronicle the personal and professional lives of Jackie, Jermaine, Tito and Marlon as they prepare for a Jackson Five reunion, while also coming to terms with Michael’s tragic loss. Chronicles the brothers’ relationships with each other, their parents and their children, while also balancing the demands of their professional commitments and celebrity.

THE JACKSONS: A FAMILY DYNASTY #1 (THE JACKSONS FAMILY) Premieres 22 Mar 2010, Monday 10pm Encores 29 Mar 2010, Monday 10pm, 03 Apr 2010, Saturday 8am and 04 Apr 2010, Sunday 9pm

The Jackson Brother’s announce their plans to do a 40th Anniversary Album, but all of this falls into jeopardy when Jackie erases Jermaine’s vocals, infuriating him. To get back to their roots the brothers visit Gary Indiana. When Jermaine confronts his brothers about his departure from the Jackson 5 over 30 years ago, unresolved issues surface. The untimely death of their brother Michael puts their dream of a Jackson 5 reunion on hold…indefinitely.

THE JACKSONS: A FAMILY DYNASTY #2 (THE AFTERMATH) Premieres 23 Mar 2010, Tuesday 10pm Encores 05 Apr 2010, Monday 10pm, 10 Apr 2010, Saturday 8am and 11 Apr 2010, Sunday 9pm

The Jackson Family is still mourning the death of their brother Michael when their attorney informs them that they are still obligated to a previously agreed upon performance. Jermaine blames his brothers when a Michael Jackson tribute concert he promoted in Vienna falls apart. Jermaine’s participation on the 40th Anniversary J5 reunion is cast into doubt when he is a no show at major photo shoot with his brothers. Marlon, Tito, and Jackie confront Jermaine and question his commitment to the group.

THE JACKSONS: A FAMILY DYNASTY #3 (THE JACKSONS ABROAD) Premieres 24 Mar 2010, Wednesday 10pm Encores 12 Apr 2010, Monday 10pm, 17 Apr 2010, Saturday 8am and 18 Apr 2010, Sunday 9pm

Despite their looming concert obligation, the Jackson brothers set off to different corners of the globe to pursue their own personal projects. Marlon works on a lifelong dream development project in Nigeria. Jermaine records a song with a top Indian musical artist in Mumbai to help the city recover from their terrorist attacks. And Tito prepares for his first solo performance in London, opening for Gladys Knight. Marlon and Jackie travel to London to see Tito perform, but before they do, they take in the “Thriller Live” musical based on Michael’s work, and once again, the brothers are overwhelmed by memories of their late brother. Tito has a triumphant concert at historic Wembley Arena.

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THE JACKSONS: A FAMILY DYNASTY #4 (COME TOGETHER) Premieres 25 Mar 2010, Thursday 10pm Encores 19 Apr 2010, Monday 10pm, 24 Apr 2010, Saturday 8am and 25 Apr 2010, Sunday 9pm

with a long held grudge.
With the premiere of Michael’s concert documentary, This Is It, approaching, the Jackson brothers must face the emotional decision of whether or not to attend–knowing no matter what decision they make, they will face criticism. The night of the premiere is emotional for all the brothers, but especially Tito, who makes a last minute, unexpected decision. Later, all four brothers decide it’s time to focus on their concert and retreat to a secluded location to avoid all other distractions. The first night gets off to a good start, until Jermaine decides it’s time to face his brothers

THE JACKSONS: A FAMILY DYNASTY #5 (LOCKDOWN) Premieres 26 Mar 2010, Friday 10pm Encores 26 Apr 2010, Monday 10pm, 01 May 2010, Saturday 8am and 02 May 2010, Sunday 9pm

In Santa Barbara at their secluded location, hoping to focus on nothing but their upcoming concert, Jermaine continues to confront his brothers about their lack of support for his delayed Michael Tribute concert. The brothers make some progress in the recording studio, but it’s not long before they begin to butt heads. When an argument between Jermaine and Marlon sends the recording session spiraling out of control, the entire project is suddenly put into question, and the brothers split into two, contentious groups.

THE JACKSONS: A FAMILY DYNASTY #6 (NOW, WHAT?) Premieres 27 Mar 2010, Saturday 10pm Encores 03 May 2010, Monday 10pm, 08 May 2010, Saturday 8am and 09 May 2010, Sunday 9pm

Having made the difficult decision to cancel the concert, the brothers remain split into two camps. Jermaine and Tito, who still want to go forward; and Jackie and Marlon, who have decided they are done. With a concert no longer hanging over their heads, the Jackson brothers try to return to life as usual. But when Jermaine and Tito hear a hot new track that was written for them, they pull out all the stops to convince Marlon and Jackie to give it a chance. An inspirational visit to a teenage juvenile detention center builds to an emotional and surprise gathering, leaving the brothers to wonder, what’s next?

DealZ) and daughter Brandi .

Born Sigmund Esco Jackson in Gary, Indiana in 1951, he was given the name “Jackie” by relatives. Aspiring to be a professional baseball player, Jackie forsook that dream when he became the eldest member of The Jackson Five in 1966. Jackie assisted a co-lead on alongside Michael and Jermaine on four consecutive number-one hits, including “I Want You Back” and “ABC,” and took lead in the group’s first hit “Enjoy Yourself,” as well as “Hum Along and Dance,” Wondering Who,” “It’s Alright,” “Wait” and “Torture.”

His last performance was with his five younger brothers during Michael’s 30th Anniversary Reunion performance at Madison Square Garden in 2001. Jackie currently lives in Las Vegas where he runs Jesco Records, which has signed artists such as rapper Mike Street from the Long Island, New York group Emstate, and his son, rapper DealZ.

Jackie has two children; his son Sigmund Esco II (aka “THE JACKSONS: A FAMILY DYNASTY” BIOS

Tariano Adaryll “Tito” Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana in 1953. Tito originally hid his musical talent from his father Jospeh. While his father was at work, Tito would play his father’s guitar while his siblings danced and sang, and it was not until he accidentally broke a string on the guitar that father Joseph learned about his musical aspirations and formed The Jackson Brothers in 1964 with Jackie, Tito and Jermaine. The group eventually became The Jackson Five when younger brothers Marlon and Michael joined in 1966. Though he wrote and co-wrote many songs for The Jackson Five, Tito never played guitar for the group. It wasn’t until 1976 when the brothers left Motown to become The Jacksons under Philadelphia International recording company, and then later, Epic Records, that his talents as a guitarist were recorded.

The Jacksons went on to sell 10 million copies worldwide with their album “Triumph” and has another hit with “Victory” in 1984, in which Tito sang lead on “We Can Change the World.” The Victory Tour was one of The Jackson’s greatest successes, but Michael and Marlon resigned, only to return for the
group’s final release “2300 Jackson Street.” In 1985 Tito, alongside several Jackson family members, participated on the USA for Africa famine-relief fund-raising smash single “We Are the World.”

Tito has three sons, who compose the musical group 3T; Tariano Adaryll Jackson “Taj” II, Taryll Adren Jackson and Tito Joseph “TJ” Jackson.

Jermaine LaJaune Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana in 1954. He was elected “most talented” and “best dressed” in high school and was the original lead singer of The Jackson Brothers until 1967 when he and Michael shared the lead vocals as a part of The Jackson Five in songs like “I Want You Back,” “I’ll Be There” and “I Am Love.” In 1975, after 14 years performing with his brothers, Jermaine split from The Jackson Five to continue his solo career at Motown Records and had a hit with the 1972 Shep and the Limelites cover of “Daddy’s Home.” Jermaine was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance with his 1980 album “Let’s Get Serious,” and had numerous top 20 hits during his solo career including “That’s How Love Goes,” Let’s Be Young Tonight,” “Tell Me I’m Not Dreamin’” and “Bass Odyssey,” in addition to many others. His final chart success, 1989’s “Don’t Take It Personal”, hit #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart.

In 1992 Jermaine produced “The Jacksons: An American Dream,” an award-winning and highly-rated miniseries about The Jackson Five in which he played a younger version of his father. In 2007 he participated in “Celebrity Big Brother UK,” where he finished the contest in second place and in 2008 he was featured as a guest judge on “Australia Idol.” Today, Jermaine is involved with several charity projects with orphaned children around the world and is working on a
reunion tour with his brothers.

Jermaine is a practicing Muslim and lives between Los Angeles and the Middle East with his wife Halima Rashid. He has seven children; Jermaine Jr., Autumn, Jaimy, Jeremy, Jourdynn, Jaffar and Jermajesty.

Marlon David Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana in 1957 as sixth eldest Jackson child. When The Jackson Five was initially formed, Marlon joined as percussionist but was almost removed because he sang out of tune and missed dance turns. He later became a favorite among fans once the group signed with Motown in the late 1960s. During the height of The Jackson Five, Marlon’s vocals were featured on songs like “I Want You Back,” I’ll Be There” and “Rockin’ Robin,” and he sang lead vocals on “Feelin’ Alright, “Corner of the Sky” and the Funkadelic’s cover “I’ll Bet You.” He later formed The Jacksons with brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Michael and Randy under the CBS, and later Epic Records, and the brothers returned to the top of the pop charts with albums “Triumph” and “Victory” but Marlon departed from the group before the release of “2300 Jackson Street.” Marlon issued his debut solo album “Baby Tonight” in 1987 and he had a hit with the single “Don’t Go.”

Though he produced sister Janet Jackson’s 1984 album “Dream Street,” Marlon left show business for a successful career in real estate in Southern California. He did reunite with his brothers for The Jackson Five induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 and in 2001 for Michael’s 30th Anniversary Concert at Madison Square Garden in 2001.

Marlon has been married to wife Carol Parker since they were 18 years old and together they have three children; Valencia, Brittany and Marlon, Jr. and two grandchildren, Noah and Sophia.


1. Jermaine was the first one to officially leave the Jackson’s 5 band.
2. Jackie runs a record label named Jesco.
3. Tito’s sons started a band named 3T.
4. Marlon was born a twin.
5. Jermaine was once married to Berry Gordy’s daughter.
6. Tito is the only brother that did not release a solo album.
7. Marlon produced music for singer Betty Wright.
8. Jermaine was once on the show Big Brother (UK).
9. Tito has a grandson named ‘Royalty’.
10. Jackie shares the same birthday as his mother Katherine Jackson.

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