SPARKS Show Choir Camp

Having staged SHOUT! The Mod Musical, Some Enchanted Evening and Dreamgirls, Broadway Academy is back with SPARKS Show Choir Camp. The GLEE inspired show choir camp is organized Broadway Academy Talent School (BATS), a division under Broadway Academy (M) Sdn. Bhd.

BATS has been operating for close to 2 years now focusing towards training and grooming local talents to head towards Broadway’s standards and trend. The mission in BATS is to ensure that our talents are well equipped with the skills of acting, singing and dancing or better known as “triple threat”. BATS offer individuals to group classes ranging from vocal trainings (individual) to show choir classes (group). BATS do not only operate in-house but also does outreach programs to schools.

Among the most wanted and requested for classes is show choir. This is not a surprise with the help of TV series GLEE which has swiped the nation to get into the mood for singing and dancing. Having to run 5 show choir classes and a few more in hand, BATS has done show choir workshops featuring and trained by its very own professional show choir group SPLASH! which has gotten very good response and therefore moving forward to the first show choir camp SPARKS.

SPARKS will be held in the end of May and is open to participants ages 12 – 17. This workshop is opened to participants from all over the country. Participants will learn to sing in harmony and at the same time learn choreographed movements and improvisation as reflected by show choirs of America. The camp will be facilitated by Broadway Academy’s SPLASH!.

Among the breakdown for the 6 days 5 nights camp will be including participants covering the core basics of show choir, vocal techniques for solo and group, dance training and choreographing techniques as well as performance techniques and ethics.

SPARKS is a not to be missed by youths who are really into performing arts and show choir as the camp covers the basic of show choir. If you love GLEE, you will love SPARKS. For those of you who are interested to participate in SPARKS or want to know more info about SPARKS, please write to us at [email protected] or call us at 03 – 6142 2601.

You can also visit SPARKS website at . We hope to see you there.

Written by Budiey

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