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Sinopsis Telemovie RAIL PAYANANGAL di Astro VAANAVIL

To close off the year with a bang while setting the mood for 2019, Astro Vaanavil (CH 201) will showcase a brand-new telemovie, Rail Payanangal, written and directed by renowned director, Shalini Balasundram, who also directed Geethayin Raadhaiand Thirudathey Papa Thirudathey. Rail Payanangalwill be shown on Astro Vaanavil (CH 201)and Astro GOon January 1, 2019 at 4pm.

Since her father passed away, Sweetha, a young physiotherapist, now looks after her father’s watch shop in Brickfields. Her mother is currently looking for a potential groom for Sweetha but Sweetha finds it difficult to match her own principles with the suitors her mother introduces to her.

Telemovie Rail Payanangal

One day, during her journey to work, Sweetha notices Vijay who coincidentally dropped his watch in the train. She picks it up and tries to return it to him but is unable to. Sweetha eventually meets Vijay again and as their friendship blossoms, they fall in love. Unbeknownst to Sweetha, Vijay is in a marriage to Risha which is not supported by his parents. However, Vijay and Risha end up in a huge conflict which leads to them separating. While all of this takes place, Sweetha’s mother has also found a suitable groom for her, Vinoth.

Will Vijay convince Sweetha to give him a chance, or will she choose to marry Vinoth?

Telemovie Rail Payanangal

Shalini Balasundram, Kabil Ganesan, Yawanes Robert, MS. Karthik, Aahmuu Thirunyanam, Phonenix Dassan, Gunasegran Karuppiah, Kalaiselvy and Susila Devi

Music Composer
Jay Raggaveindra

Thanneer Narayanan

Cinematographer, Colourist & Editing
Sathish Natarajan

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Written by Budiey

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