Reebonz Celebrities Interview with Atilia Haron Yasmin Hani & Mayjune Tan

Reebonz Celebrities Interview with Atilia Haron, Yasmin Hani & Mayjune Tan

1. What type of bags do you like?

Atilia: For me, the most important thing has to be the durability, and also the right size, as I don’t normally change my bag. I usually use the same bag for several months. It has to fit a lot of my things, as I carry lots of things around. I would prefer hard leather and I don’t really like fabric because I have sweaty palms, therefore fabric is not good for me. And also the bag has to suit my petite size. Sling bag is good for me.

Reebonz Celebrities Interview with Atilia Haron Yasmin Hani & Mayjune Tan

Yasmin: Same thing. I like small to medium sized bag because I like to put everything in. I can’t carry anything bigger than that because I will tend to put even more things into it. And I have to go to chiropractor to treat my back because my handbag is too heavy. I tend to use not much of leather. Fabric I don’t mind. I think it would be a durable bag so I can carry everywhere and it can sit on its own.

Mayjune: Same as well. Enough to fit in everything that I need all day long like scripts, books, water, hand lotion, sunblock, and cosmetic bag as well. Of course it has to be easy to match with outfit, so I don’t have to change the bag everyday. Shoulder bag is good for me, because I’m short, I can’t hold bag that is very big.

2. Which is your favorite designer brand?

Atilia: It has to be Chanel. Because I think Chanel is so classic, and it fits anything that I wear. I always wanted to have a Chanel when I was a little girl. And I bought my first Chanel here at Reebonz!

Yasmin: Of course Chanel. But for everyday wear I like Gucci, Mulberry and Prada.

Mayjune: For me is Celine. It looks clean, energetic, young, and simple.

Reebonz Celebrities Interview with Atilia Haron Yasmin Hani & Mayjune Tan

3. How about materials, texture and colors? What is your favorite for that?

Atilia: I have a couple of crazy colors of bags like orange and neon but the thing is I only use them for a couple of times and I will go back to my black bag.So I guess my favorite colors are more on some traditional and classic blacks, browns or greys. I love the Lady Dior’s nude colour as well. It goes with anything and I like its shiny material.

Yasmin: I like colorful bags. I find some trouble for me to find a black handbag therefore I only have one or two. The rest of my handbags are colorful like green, gold, etc.

Mayjune: I like something clean and simple, like the blue color bag that I picked just now which I can store my book and script inside.

4. Do you protect your bags?

Atilia: Yes. It’s very difficult to protect your bag and a lot of ladies don’t know how to do that, I have a few friends; they take water to wipe their bags. But in fact you can’t do that. You have to use a special cleanser, but the best is to send it to the professional for cleansing.

Yasmin: I have a special cupboard from floor to ceiling just for handbags but I don’t stuff them. Like those soft bags are supposed to be stuffed, I lay them down flat. And also, if you stuff them, you will take up a lot more space. Like clutches, I can stand them up, put them in a row, and stack on top but it depends on the material if not it will leave a mark. Keep it dry, no direct sunlight.

Mayjune: Stay away from hard and sharp objects. People tend to think that leather is durable and hard, actually it’s not.Once your handbag is torn, it’s torn. Therefore do treat your handbag with love.

5. Where do you usually buy your bags?

Yasmin: I go overseas if I got the chance, to find different bags, or Reebonz. I love to look at different handbags before I buy. Therefore Reebonz would be the best place, and I like to come to the lounge and shop. I will check online and make sure it is available before I buy the bag. Before that I must see the bag and I need to touch it.

Mayjune: I prefer to make purchases at the shop as well but shopping online allows me to plan beforehand especially buying bags. I used to plan before I buy things and I need a lot of time to plan. With Reebonz, you can actually see all the products very clearly, and it’s easy to access, like a one-stop shop.

Atilia: I usually go to the boutique. Now that I found Reebonz, I find it very easy because I will get my bag latest 5 days, and there are so many ways to pay. And initially, I had to come to take a look at the bags and hold it. But after a couple of times dealing with Reebonz, it’s very easy and I know what I see is actually what I get. That is very cool. And the description is very complete and clear.

6. Yasmin, can you share with us how you make a purchase on Reebonz?

Yasmin: It is very simple. Just go to, and sign up as a member, it is free and very easy. After that, sign in and click on the events which are happening on that day, and click on the bags’ picture you want to have a look, you can also click to view for a bigger picture and other information about the bags such as the designers and leather information. Normally Reebonz will carry new stuff, like Chanel they will only get it from the best owner from Japan therefore the quality are all maintained.When you check out, you can pay through Paypal or credit card.

7. Atilia, would you like to share your last experience shopping at

It is very convenient for me as it has the zero installment plan, therefore I normally pay by credit card, and I can pay by 24 months installment,which is actually something very cool for me. It has also 0% percent interest and it is in line with Reebonz’s vision which is to make luxury accessible and affordable.

8. What about you Mayjune? Would you like to share your last experience shopping at

Mayjune: The most exciting part is when you receive the product. I buy a bag to reward myself, it is like buying a present for myself. So when you receive the product, it comes in a very beautiful package, with the box and gold ribbons. It is like unveiling a surprise for me.

Reebonz Celebrities Interview with Atilia Haron Yasmin Hani & Mayjune Tan

Reebonz Celebrities Interview with Atilia Haron Yasmin Hani & Mayjune Tan

Reebonz Celebrities Interview with Atilia Haron Yasmin Hani & Mayjune Tan

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