Founded by Alef & Joel in 2007, Loudspeaker, as they refer themselves as, is a new generation of musicians with a penchant for bluesy tunes that combines itself with sounds of bay-city pop rock, surf-side rhythms and ballads. Music that’s breezy and cool for the hot tropical days, is appropriate for driving in equatorial climes, with thoughts of basking on the beach or surfing.
The handsome, soft spoken and ever-so-polite duo – are guitarists in their right -strumming, twangs and wah-wahs of guitar strings is common in most of their compositions. An infant in the ever challenging music industry, the Loudspeaker is currently working on compositions to ultimately produce an album targeted to be launched sometime in mid-2009.

Loudspeaker has just completed recording their third single walau and the first released EP – a composition that’ll stay in your mind through its catchy lyrics accompanied by some awesome strumming and innocent yet husky and throaty vocals or the duo. The final part of this song was accompanied by the wailings of a true rocker, that was emitted by Lokman who is a close ally and friend and was one of the “One in a million” participant – which was placed in the top 7 and was surprisingly left unnoticed, especially with a flawless soulful range and a cool attitude to boot. Ironically enough, Lokman’s forte is however, skewed towards RnB, Jazz and Soul. Lokman is in the midst of weighing the possibility of being a part of the Mujik family in the very near future. Watch out for him soon.
Walau is now aired on all the airwaves. Currently Loudspeaker has intentions to release their first two EPs, namely, hi-skool blues and impian realiti. Loudspeaker is currently working on their album with many original compositions with one composition, mimpiku tonight that has a duet between ATILIA and ALEF of Loudspeaker. Loudspeaker is currently working on and producing ibu, sinopsis and yang satu, additions to their list of songs to watch out for.
Being the latest in Mujik Productions family, the same production company that manages talents such as Atilia, Salamiah Hassan, Dennis Lau, Doul, Ida Nerina, Zahim Albakri, Pasree, Orchid Abdullah, Goh Wee Ping, Ady Suwardy, Maliq & D’Essentials, Twenty First Night, The Boogiemen and Sister Duke; Loudspeaker will prove to be one of the youngest duo team to perform in this country.
With varied styles and genres of singing, their music of choice is a mix of blues, folk, a dash of pop and a pinch of soul and funk. With most, if not, all of the music being written and arranged mainly by Alef with close observation and idea and creative contributions by Joel, this young duo is one to observe and is definitely worth a listen. Check them out in a location near you or on the airwaves soon.

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Producer: Alef & Joel – Loudspeaker
Executive Producer: Alef
Musical Direction: Alef
Lead Vocal: Alef
Vocals: Joel
Back-up vocal for Walau:  Lokman
Lead guitar: Joel
Second guitar:  Alef
Bass: D9 & Jash
Drums:  Dydy & Am
Keyboards: Az & Gjie
Recorded & Mixed:                              
SZ Studio, Ipoh, Malaysia
JP Studio, KL, Malaysia
Majesty Studio, KL, Malaysia
All compositions and sound recordings are copyrighted:
© 2009 Loudpeaker & Mujik Productions Sdn Bhd
All song arrangements by: Alef & Joel – Loudspeaker
Sleeve design: Fizar Harun & Izhar
Photography:  Fid Fathir @
Loudspeaker is managed by: Fizar Harun @ Mujikk Productions KL, Malaysia

Written by Budiey

Penggemar filem seram yang obses dengan gajet & teknologi terkini dan masih tegar menjadi pengendali portal hiburan & gaya hidup sejak tahun 2007. Kini aktif menjadi Youtuber & Podcaster yang menemubual selebriti dalam BORAK SINI HABIS SINI dan menerbitkan program BULETIN VIRAL di Budiey Channel.

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