Malaysia Science Technology & Innovation MySTI Expo 2011

Malaysia Science, Technology and Innovation (MySTI) Expo 2011

29 July 2011 – Yang Berhormat Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah, Deputy Minister of Higher Education II launched the Malaysia Science, Technology and Innovation (MySTI) Expo 2011 at the KLCC Convention Centre today.

This inaugural MySTI Expo 2011 is in line with the Government’s commitment of making technological innovations a common denominator of growth towards creating a sustainable innovation ecosystem.

This year’s event will become the benchmark for all future MySTI – a flagship biennial event to feature Malaysia’s innovations and is set to become the biggest technology exposition in the country. It is also a platform to educate the public and create awareness on the crucial importance of continued innovation to the advancement of Malaysia into a high income nation.

Future MySTI’s will be the platform for all MOSTI agencies to demonstrate their work-in-progress and for the Ministry’s grant recipients to showcase their success stories.

MySTI 2011 showcases Malaysia’s current and upcoming technologies towards generating interest and trust among industry players and the general public. It is also a platform to educate the public and create awareness on the crucial importance of continued innovation to the advancement of Malaysia into a high income nation.

The event, aimed at inspiring and driving science, technology and innovation by showcasing how ideas have been transformed into commercialization, brings together the country’s key players in technology, innovation and R&D from the industry, government and academia.
It also features and recognises locally developed technologies that have successfully been adopted by the local and global markets.

Technology Transfer and/or License
MOSTI today also transferred various MIMOS innovated technology platforms to 16 technology recipients, who are local companies from various local industries.

The technology transfer and/or license demonstrate the uptake and adoption of local technologies innovated by MIMOS, which continues to rapidly gaining momentum, by local industries.

The 16 technology recipients are:

1. Bifrost Technology Sdn Bhd was awarded I2P for commercialization of its TweleveHundred brand consisting two solutions namely TwelveHundred LMS (Logistics Management System) and TwelveHundred SCM (Supply Chain Management) ;

2. CEEDTec Sdn Bhd was awarded WiWi technology platform, a plug-and-play wireless network solution that enables WiFi hotspots with WiMAX coverage. This enables quadruple play of VoIP, data, IPTV and mobility.

3. Cloud Connect Sdn Bhd was awarded Grid Computing 4 (GC4) to integrated into its Automated Service Provisioning & Orchestration Solution designed for multiple cloud computing platforms;

4. Dagang Net Technologies Sdn Bhd was awarded NBvTPM’s Trusted Platform Module which addresses the need to protect and conceal data and information within a local computer. This overcomes phishing, pharming and malware vulnerabilities thus providing a secured computing environment for information transfer;

5. Infovalley Life Sciences Sdn Bhd was awarded Semantic Technology to develop an anatomy knowledgebase for integration into its Xhum3D – a web-based interactive informatics system for medical students, nursing students, academia, researchers and medical professionals;

6. I-Solutions & Computing Sdn Bhd was awarded iDOLA – a netbook installed with Intelligent Service Delivery Platform (iSDP) software that brings desired contents and information services to the user’s fingertips, enhancing their learning environment boundaries;

7. Jaring Communicaations Sdn Bhd was awarded Grid Computing developed into OneGrid;

8. Mutiara Smart Computing Sdn Bhd was awarded iDOLA, a netbook equipped with Intelligent Service Delivery Platform (iSDP software that brings quality web content to the user, simplifying access to Internet information and services;

9. Nobelsys Services Sdn Bhd was awarded Kiosk – a set of Application Programming Interface that allows software developers to create their own interface for web service creation, subscription and Internet data gathering;

10. Perfisio Solutions Sdn Bhd was awarded Intelligent Learning Management System (iLMS) for commercialization into Tutor iLMS – a learning solution using semantic-based educational technology platform for deploying intelligent software applications for learning and development;

11. PERNEC Integrated Network System Sdn Bhd was awarded WiWi technology platform developed into eRas – a plug and play wireless network solution that offers instantaneous multi-user Internet access over a WiFi connectivity;

12. Quantum Intelli Code Sdn Bhd was awarded Kiosk and WiWi technology platform allows WiFi hotspots to be easily deployed and managed, while users enjoy superior and reliable network coverage with quadruple play (VoIP, data, IPTV and mobility).

13. Systematic Conglomerate Sdn Bhd was awarded I2P (Intelligent Informatics Platform), eKMS (Enterprise Knowledge Management System) – a .NET-based gateway for multiple information sources, iClip4Me used for retrieving RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds, web, in-depth and multimedia information from the Internet direct to the user, and NBvTPM’s Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology;

14. TPM-IT Sdn Bhd was awarded iDOLA, a netbook equipped with Intelligent Service Delivery Platform (iSDP);

15. VADS Berhad was awarded Cloud Computing Platform for commercialization into comprehensive suites of Cloud Services for Enterprise, Government and SME segments; and

16. Department of Agriculture Malaysia was awarded AgriBazaar – an Internet-based trading portal for buyers and sellers of agricultural products to provide a one stop avenue for the producers of agriculture products to swiftly meet with their potential customers without middlemen involvement and perform the trade transactions online.

This year the MySTI Expo was co-organised by MIMOS in conjunction with its 25th Anniversary. The upcoming MySTI exhibition in 2013 will be organized by a MOSTI agency that will be identified at a later date. Held in conjunction with the MySTI Expo 2011 is the PIKOM Digital Lifestyle Expo 2011 (DLE 2011) that is set to bowl visitors over with its extensive range of digital products from many big names in the digital space.

“DLE 2011 is a showcase of the best of digital lifestyle from consumer electronics to the newest TVs, cameras, video recorders and games to an amazing line-up of smart and mobile phones. Visitors will have the opportunity to touch and feel the latest devices and gadgets and shop for the best products that complement their lifestyle,” said PIKOM Chairman Dato’ Wei Chuan Beng while adding that lucky visitors will also stand a chance to win attractive prizes. This is the 2nd year that PIKOM is organizing the DLE.

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