Timeless Collection Featuring Classic Piano Instrumental


Piano Spa – Tickling the ivories

The grandfather of all musical instruments the piano is often referred to. There’s definitely truth to that claim, given the dynamic and musical range of the instrument. After all, it has 88 notes! The greatest composers have all sat behind their set of black ‘n’ whites and come up with the most time-honoured pieces of music. And the pop world has likewise embraced the piano. And to celebrate the instrument’s endearing appeal, Warner Music Malaysia is tipping its hat with the aptly titled Piano Spa, a staggering six-CD collection featuring classic piano instrumentals that will put any listener in a balmy mood … perfect as the soundtrack at a diner, at a hotel lounge or… yes, a spa.


Wouldn’t you have guessed with a name like Piano Spa, then? And as always, the clincher is how much this monster collection costs. Try RM59.90. See, there’s always a deal in town, and you’ll find this one exclusively at CD Rama stores nationwide. The track listings are as below:
Piano Spa (The Timeless Collection)

  1. Changes
  2. Smile In Your Eyes
  3. I Remember
  4. China Sea
  5. Spread Your Wings
  6. Morning Rain
  7. True Love
  8. Song of June
  9. Cherished Thoughts
  10. The Colour of Gloom
  11. Winter Drizzle
  12. Childhood Imagery
  13. Cold Summer
  14. Lone Companion
  15. New Window of Hope
  16. Always Will Be
  17. Fill My Emptiness
  18. Ripples
  19. Colours
  20. Heart and Soul
  21. Dance With The Clouds
  22. By My Side
  23. Softly Breeze
  24. White Rose in My Heart
  25. Towards The Light
  26. Shall We Love Again
  27. Innocence
  28. End of Morning
  29. Childhood
  30. Garden of Eternity
  31. Sad September
  32. The Flight of Life
  33. A Melody For You
  34. Another Chance
  35. No Looking Back
  36. Never Believe in Love Again
  37. Till We Meet Again
  38. Dreams of Tomorrow
  39. Love Theme
  40. Falling Leaves
  41. Searching
  42. Timeless
  43. Lazy Afternoon
  44. Neverending Affection
  45. The Calm After The Storm
  46. Will You Remember Me
  47. The Evening
  48. Light In The Dark
  49. Nothing Has Changed
  50. Aurora
  51. Missing The Sea
  52. Pacific Dreams
  53. Peaceful Night
  54. Song For a New Love
  55. Eternity
  56. On The Treetops
  57. Dreamtime
  58. Raindrops on My Piano
  59. Pure White
  60. New Dawn
  61. Love You Forever
  62. Love Is Beautiful
  63. Cycle of Love
  64. Chrysalis
  65. Sunday Morning
  66. Carefree
  67. Love and Memories
  68. A Walk in The Woods
  69. Candle Light
  70. Flight and Beyond
  71. End of November
  72. The North Sea
  73. Orientation
  74. Shadows of Tomorrow

Written by Budiey

Penggemar filem seram yang obses dengan gajet & teknologi terkini dan masih tegar menjadi pengendali portal hiburan & gaya hidup sejak tahun 2007. Kini aktif menjadi Youtuber & Podcaster yang menemubual selebriti dalam BORAK SINI HABIS SINI dan menerbitkan program BULETIN VIRAL di Budiey Channel.

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