The Long-Awaited Lamb Is Back at Tony Roma’s!

Tony Roma’s has long been renowned as a venue for a great dining experience among families and friends. Besides serving up great food, featuring their mouthwatering ribs and steaks, the experts at Tony Roma’s have always got something up their sleeves to “wow” guests.

The meat expert presents its new Lamb Lover’s Platter menu.

In its latest development in this ongoing journey of culinary perfection, the meat experts at Tony Roma’s have been quite busy in their kitchen developing the eatery’s latest Lamb Lover’s Platter. The limited-time-only menu specially caters to meat and lamb lovers featuring mouth-watering, succulent items, just bursting with flavour. Visitors to Tony Roma’s can choose between the Grilled Lamb Chop, the Grilled Lamb Shoulder or go all out with the Lamb Lover’s Platter.

The Grilled Lamb Chop (RM75.50*) is an experience by itself featuring a scrumptiously juicy and tender Lamb Chop, marinated to perfection for that distinct, consistent flavor that only the experts at Tony Roma’s have accomplished. If that’s not enough to satisfy the palate, then the Grilled Lamb Shoulder (RM85.50*) would be a better choice. It is a tender and richly seasoned Lamb Shoulder with mouthwatering spice and agave plum sauce, and then grilled just right, to achieve a fine balance between flavour and juicy tenderness. Both entrées are served with diners’ choice of one limited time offering side dish and bread.

Meanwhile, the Lamb Lover’s Platter (RM125.50*) is a feast for the eyes, as it is on the appetite. The star of this platter would definitely be the succulently grilled Lamb Chop, but the platter does include other co-stars, not the least being a re-engineered Lamb Cevapi with pickle onion, glazed with Tony Roma’s propriety Texas Spicy sauce; and a well-seasoned Lamb Shoulder with spice that is served with a choice of two side dishes and bread. With everything that’s going for it, this platter is perfect for two to three persons to share and enjoy!

“That’s the beauty of what we do here at Tony Roma’s,” says George Ang, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Grand Companions Sdn. Bhd. and the franchise holder of Tony Roma’s Malaysia. “More than serving up great and unique dishes, such as this lamb extravaganza, which is a unique value-for-money proposition in itself, we’re also all about creating that unique experience for our guests. This is why Tony Roma’s has always been the perfect place to not only have a good meal, but also get together with family, bffs, and loved ones – no matter what the occasion. It’s always a perfect time at Tony Roma’s.”

To complement their main dishes (and if there is space for more!), diners can further accentuate their experience and memories at Tony Roma’s by pairing their meal with a choice of six add-on dishes which include chili potatoes – fresh potatoes marinated with mild chili and fried till golden brown; a creamy corn-on-the-cob served with margarine; crispy onion rings – perfectly battered Spanish style; fire-roasted vegetables; roasted broccoli – steamed broccoli which is then grilled for char mark with a hint of lemon vinaigrette; and rice – ginger flavored yellow rice. Each add-on ala carte side dish costs RM6.00*, but if the side dish is purchased with any Lamb entrée, each add-on side dish costs only RM5.00*.

To wash down their flavourful meal, diners can satisfy their thirst with Tony Roma’s all new Sips to Satisfy which include: the Snowy Iceberg (RM15.90*) – an amazing pineapple and lemon sensation with a fizzy taste of soda; the Smoothie Iceberg (RM17.90*) – like the Snowy Iceberg, but with a scoop of cream vanilla ice cream; the Kiwi Paradise (RM15.90*) – a juicy and refreshing kiwi sensation with a hint of lemon flavor; the Smoothie Kiwi Paradise (RM17.90*) – like the Kiwi Paradise, but with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream; the Mango Rantcho (RM14.00*) – a mango lover’s delight taste of sweet and juicy with a hint of lemon and lime; and lastly, the Blue Oceanus (RM14.00*) – a flavorful passionfruit taste with a hint of lemon and aromatic orange peel scent and candy bitter taste

This limited time dining experience awaits visitors at all Tony Roma’s outlets in Malaysia from 23 April to 10 June 2018.The offer is not applicable with any other on-going promotions, discounts, vouchers, and offers.

*All prices quoted in Ringgit Malaysia (RM), inclusive of 10% service charge & GST.

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About Tony Roma’s

“Providing an Amazing Experience to Our Team Members and Guests” is the company mission of Tony Roma’s, one of the most globally recognizable names in the industry. A full service, casual dining family restaurant, Tony Roma’s is where you can find premier BBQ ribs and steaks in over 150 family restaurant locations on six continents.

Since the first outlet was opened in Florida in 1972, Tony Roma’s has focused on serving its signature BBQ beef and lamb ribs, world famous Onion Loaf and Kickin’ Shrimp, seafood, steaks, pasta, chicken, sandwiches and burgers. The company has won numerous awards across the U.S. for the “Best Ribs” and has also received nationally acclaimed industry recognition as “The Best Ribs in America”. In 2017, Tony Roma’s has been acknowledged as the ‘Master Franchisee of the Year’ at the Malaysia Franchise Awards 2017, proudly presented by the Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA).

Tony Roma’s first outlet in Malaysia was opened at Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya on 4th October 2006. Currently, there are 13 Tony Roma’s outlets – nine in the Klang Valley, two in Johor, one in Melaka and one in Kuching, Sarawak.

In Malaysia, Tony Roma’s is not just a place for ribs anymore. The menu has been expanded to include variety for all guests; not just rib eaters. Available is an extensive selection of seafood, steaks, chicken, lamb, salad, sandwiches and burger entrées along with the most unique appetizers and mini desserts. All food items served are suitable for Muslim consumption.

Malaysia was announced as the Regional Training Centre (RTC) for Tony Roma’s Asia Pacific during the third quarter of 2014. Due to its highly skilled professionals, easy accessibility and cost-effectiveness, Malaysia proved to be the ideal location for the RTC. The comprehensive training provided to Tony Roma’s employees across the region includes customer service, cooking, food preparation, food hygiene, supply chain and cost management, using the latest kitchen equipment and operational procedures.

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