Kids vs Film Discovery-Styled Documentaries Created By Kids For Kids

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]onder what it takes to produce, research, write, direct, edit and maybe even star in your very own Discovery-styled documentary? Discovery Kids challenged 48 kids aged eight to 12 years old from Asia and across the globe to experience this truly unique learning opportunity to become a first-time filmmaker under the careful tutelage by a team of professional production experts.

[pullquote align=”right”]Kids Vs Film, An All Original Local Production Sees Discovery-Styled Documentaries Created By Kids, For Kids. Brand New Discovery Kids’ Film-Making Programme Set To Premiere This June.[/pullquote]

Each of the twelve episodes sees two teams made up of two kids, guided by hosts Oli Pettigrew and Mohini Sule, compete against each other to produce and shoot a mini two minute documentary – all within a day! KIDS VS FILM not only promises fun for young viewers and their families but also gives everyone a rare chance to go behind-the-scenes to learn documentary-making techniques. Witness the laughter, frustration and mayhem faced by first-time creative directors when KIDS VS FILM premieres every Saturday on Discovery Kids (HyppTV ch 561) at 6:30 p.m. starting, June 1. Encores on Sunday at 10:00 a.m, 3:30 p.m and through the weekdays at various timings.

Following in the steps of Discovery Channel’s great documentary-making traditions, each episode of KIDS VS FILM gives the young budding documentary filmmakers with nationalities ranging from Singaporean, Indian, Filipino, American-Columbian to Australian-British and more, exclusive access to an exciting location to shoot a unique original mini-documentary based on an assigned theme. Teams are also guided by a series of multiple-choice dashboards, production and technology tips by professional experts that will help them make key decisions on the style of their films during the course of their documentary-making process. Young viewers and families will get to learn alongside when the KIDS VS FILM teams embark on a film-making adventure and soak up a diverse array of memorable experiences such as swimming with sharks at the Underwater World Singapore, abseiling down a cliff at an island, fire-fighting, getting the low-down on street culture, learning about the art of modern science in food and even pick up wildlife conservation tips such as how to care for a bird of prey at Singapore Jurong Bird Park.

Both teams & hosts watching the Dashboard Shoot.

KIDS VS FILM teams have only one day to complete their huge task – research, write, edit, direct, shoot – and at the end of it all, they face the most grueling and nerve wrecking stage when their final creations are pitted against each other at the end of each episode, and who better to judge their work than an audience of their very own peers and fellow documentary fans acting as Discovery executives! Each team is required to present their very own original Discovery Kids mini-documentaries on the big screen in front of an audience comprising kids of the same age group, and answer questions about how they achieved their goals. The winning team’s mini-documentary for each episode will be judged based on which of the two is the most entertaining, brings across the strongest message and offers the best production values.

Get in on some smart fun and pick up documentary-making tips with the following episodes of KIDS VS FILM, exclusively on Discovery Kids:

Seal Vs Shark!
In the first episode of KIDS VS FILM, best friends Sarah and Keryna team up against brother and sister Christian and Shannon to create and produce their own mini-documentaries at Underwater World Singapore. Sarah and Keryna learn about sharks and marine conservation as the subject of their documentary while Christian and Shannon get up close and personal with the fur seals.

Police Coast Guard
In this action-packed episode, the kids are given access to find out more about the Police Coast Guard. Good friends Heidi and Johan get to play trainee officers in the simulator while best buds Zack and Mitch go on a real ship to recreate a life-threatening scenario – it’s ‘virtuality’ versus reality.

Jurong Bird Park
This episode takes flight with chirpy sisters Lina and Talia going up against best friends Preeal and Arundhati to come up with their very own birdy documentaries. Lina and Talia chats with the colourful lorikeets while Preeal and Arundhati get to feed and learn amazing facts about the fish-loving pelicans.

Singapore Civil Defence Force
The kids head over to the Civil Defence Academy to find out more about Singapore’s lifesavers. Buddies Blake and Isaac go head-to-head with the flames in a fire fight while siblings Mark and Rachel hang out with Bailey, the Search and Rescue dog.

Outward Bound Singapore
In this episode of KIDS VS FILM, the kids head outward bound to island, Pulau Ubin, for an adventure of a lifetime. BFFs Jessica and Isabella enjoy the scenic route of the cliff while abseiling, and frenemies Alex and Jasmine take the road less travelled by with orienteering through the forest.

Cultural Performances
The kids are introduced to two iconic forms of Chinese performing arts. Buddies Georgia and Finn get a closer look at the evergreen lion dancing and the music involved while budding performers Charlene and Renee discover their roots in Chinese Opera.

Reel Animals
The kids jump into the jungle to learn more about our fellow earth inhabitants. Aspiring performers Holly and Juliette hang out and dance with the lemurs for their documentary while best friends forever Dean and Dave take care of their ‘pet’, the robust rhino.

A Good Night Out
In this episode, the kids head over to the Singapore Night Safari to find out more about the creatures that rule the night. Multi-talented best friends Nat and Gio quickly adapt to the dark with the bats for their documentary while loving siblings Callum and Imogen search for the elusive civets.

Mad About Science
Science takes centre stage in this episode. Besties Kate and Rachel go up against buddies Jon Young and Ridge at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). One team will get to test out Soft Shell Technology, which is used to make Kevlar vests. Another team will learn about the many uses of Polymers such as shrinking a pet bottle and making artificial snow.

Pets “R” Us
In this episode, gentle-mannered best friends Luisa and Audrey team up against dynamic duo Mark and Isaac to produce their own documentaries at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). The kids will either get to learn about how stray dogs are rescued or learn about the pet adoption process and how to take care our furry friends.

Street Side Story
The kids hit the streets to find out what this grungy culture is all about. Loving friends Sienna and Rosie take on siblings Luke and Amber to come up their very own documentaries. One team will learn more about street art and what it takes to be an artist while another team will learn more about the popular street sport, skateboarding.

Tasty Science
In this mouth-watering episode, sisters Beth and Lauren take on friends Samay and Chatanya to make their very own documentary about food science. One team will go behind the scenes to see what goes into a modern science meal while another team will learn about the art of playing with the senses in food through science.

About Discovery Kids
Discovery Kids lets children explore their awesome world and ignite their natural curiosity by providing content that is fun and enriching for growing children. The channel stimulates learning and imagination, and provides a safe environment that parents can trust. Discovery Kids offers its viewers a world of endless possibilities through informative and entertaining programming that explores adventure, nature, science, wildlife, history and technology. Launched in Asia-Pacific on April 2, 2012, Discovery Kids is currently distributed to over 17 million subscribers in the region. For more information, visit Discovery Kids at

About Discovery Communications
Discovery Communications (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) is the world’s #1 nonfiction media company reaching more than 1.8 billion cumulative subscribers in 218 countries and territories. Discovery is dedicated to satisfying curiosity through 147 worldwide television networks, led by Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Science and Investigation Discovery, as well as U.S. joint venture networks OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, The Hub and 3net, the first 24-hour 3D network. Discovery also is a leading provider of educational products and services to schools and owns and operates a diversified portfolio of digital media services, including In Asia-Pacific, eight Discovery brands reach 572 million cumulative subscribers in 36 countries with programming customised in 15 languages and dialects.



Warm, bubbly, inquisitive and accomplished, Mohini’s career in television began in 2000 when the BBC snapped her up as part of the first ever BBC talent initiative – a United Kingdom (U.K.) nationwide hunt for presenters and writers. After spending two years working in production as a Researcher/Assistant Producer she stepped in front of the camera and has never looked back.

Over the last decade she has presented shows for many major global networks – BBC, HBO, ESPN Star Sports to name but a few – across a variety of genres including music, film, travel, arts, culture and sport – not to mention 4 years of live, daily children’s TV as one of the most popular faces of CBBC.

Mohini set foot on terra Singapura in 2007 and soon after settling in, headed off to India to begin filming for Mumbai Uncovered, a half-hour documentary exploring the rise of consumerism which formed part of the BBC’s landmark season to mark the 60th anniversary of the independence of India and Pakistan.

The last six years have been jam-packed as Mohini spent her time jet setting around her new back yard. She experienced the full 360° and relished her travels as a roving reporter for Lonely Planet: Best in Asia, and as host of Business Class on Channel News Asia and also fuelled her passion for film with hosting HBO Central (HBO Asia and HBO India).

In 2011, Mohini took her first steps into sports casting for ESPN Star Sports as the host of Score Tonight, and recently hosted the Singapore Grand Prix 2012 live for GPTV.

2013 is set to be an exciting year as Mohini returns to her original stomping ground in Singapore as a host/mentor on KIDS VS FILM, a brand new, local original production for Discovery Kids. She also continues to do voiceovers for networks and hosts live events in addition to juggling her most significant job to date, Mummy to two little boys!


Born in Hong Kong, schooled in England and resident of Singapore for the better part of a decade – the last few years have seen Oli emerge into one of the region’s leading TV stars.

It was Oli’s selection as host of Sony Style on AXN that propelled him onto TV screens across Asia. The last two years alone have seen him hosting shows for Discovery Kids, TLC, AXN, Channel News Asia, Channel V, Cinemax, Food Network, HBO, Lonely Planet and Star World.

A highly accomplished live host, Oli is highly in demand for his unique, cheeky brand of humour and improvisation – be it for the smallest charity events, or the grandest of stages.

In 2011, Oli was nominated for Best Entertainment Host at the Asian Television Awards, which Oli also hosted.

2012 saw Oli as a weekly feature on six shows across five networks including Lonely Planet: Six Degrees China on TLC, Sony Lifestyle and Axiata: Voices of Asia on AXN, Epad on Max on Cinemax and Cash Cab Asia. The end of 2012 saw Oli’s hosted shows receive six award nominations collectively at the Elle awards and Asian Television Awards where Cash Cab Asia received a ‘Highly Commended’ for Best Game Show and Oli won Best Entertainment Host for Cash Cab Asia in a category which he was nominated twice.

Most recently, Oli played host and mentor on KIDS VS FILM, a new, local original production for Discovery Kids slated to premiere across Asia-Pacific in June 2013.


Comedies, movies, documentaries – no matter the type, films are great at bringing people closer together. Documentary-making is an art but who says you need to be a grown up to shoot one! Round up mom, dad, long lost cousins, your pet dog, your closest friends and develop your own mini documentary like on KIDS VS FILM! Here are 7 steps that will guide you to direct, shoot and produce your very own home made documentaries in no time!

1. Get into the ‘zone’ and pick your story
Documentaries serve many purposes – they can entertain, enlighten or educate. Think about the message you’d like to communicate and the subject or topic you want to cover. Ask yourself, what inspires or astounds you? Are you the sort who enjoys busting myths that will educate and enlighten your audience? Do you want to make a documentary that evokes emotion in your audience – thrilling them or making them go “ooh” and “ahh”?

Here are some fun ideas to get your brain juices flowing:
– A day in the life of a police officer
– The true story of why the earth is round
– Man’s best friend: A film about pet dogs
– An Earth Day Special: In the nature reserve

2. Form a team and split the roles
You can embark on your home made documentary project solo if you want, but it always helps to have a couple more hands (and heads) to give the film that extra boost. Rope in your friends or get your family involved – it could be something you do on your family road trip or a summer holiday project.

Some roles your film crew can take on are:
– Director: Oversees the creative aspects of the film
– Script writer: Writes the script to be narrated on or off camera
– Production assistant: Assists the director on set and keeps track of all the shots that need to be captured on film
– Cameraman / camerawoman: Handles the camera during the shooting of the film
– Editor: Takes charge of how the film is edited under the direction of the director or team

3. Decide on how to tell your story
Once your crew has a role each, put your heads together and decide on the style of your documentary. Just like in KIDS VS FILM, you can try doing it with a host, interview an insider (or expert) or shoot it via P.O.V, or point of view, that is through the perspective of your subject.

4. Research, research, and research
A very important aspect of documentaries is staying true to the story and making sure they are as real as possible. Get accurate information by going through books or looking to credible websites. It’s also good to get an expert opinion before you start the filming process by speaking to a professional or someone who’s familiar with your topic or story. It is also at this stage where you can look up the best places to shoot your documentary.

5. Roll camera, action!
When it’s time to shoot, grab a camcorder or a digital camera and head down to your film set. It’s a good idea to be familiar with the location so you know which are the best places and angles for the camera to capture the shot. Quick tip: Always make sure you have enough battery life and storage space – you’d hate to have to start from scratch all over again!

6. Put the puzzle pieces together
Post-production or editing your film can be equally fun as the shooting process!

In KIDS VS FILM, we learned of some cool tools from the editing dashboard – Slow motion scenes, split screens, and cool transitions from one scene to the next. But there are lots of other fun ways to make your documentary visually appealing and exciting:

– Colour: Play with the colour of your film to set the mood. Try black and white or sepia for an old school, nostalgic feel.
– Add sound effects: Add a spark to your video by creating your very own sound effects, like imitating the sound of a crackling fire by smashing potato chips in your hand or crumpling tracing paper.
– Include a soundtrack: Music can also set the mood and tone of the film especially during the parts where there is no speech. Captivate audiences with a gut-wrenching track as the camera pans over a majestic hill of greenery for example.

Turn to easy programs like Windows Movie Maker and have fun with the effects that are already integrated into the software. You can even include captions or add a theme! It’s one of the simplest editing tools to use.

7. Throw a screening party
And for the finale, why not organise a Red Carpet Gala event and invite the crew, schoolmates and your family to watch the final product? You can decorate your living room and ask everyone to come dressed to the nines to celebrate the official screening of your documentary! After the screening, ask for feedback so you know what areas are your crew’s best and what areas to improve on. And of course, don’t forget the popcorn and the confetti.

Written by Budiey

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