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i-Serve Launches UChat Songkran Day-Out 2019

Get ready to celebrate Thailand’s famous water festival, Songkran in Malaysia next month with celebrities from Thailand, Malaysia, and South Korea!

i-Serve, an organisation with expertise in online payment solutions, web and application development, e-ticketing and e-money solutions announced that UChat SongkranDay-Out will be held on 13 and 14 April. The event boasts entertaining fun-filledconcerts, exciting water-themed activities, and an assortment of delectable food.

Uchat Songkran Day-Out 2019

i-Serve brings UChat Songkran Day-Out and introducing the 1st Malaysian app that combines a messaging and e-wallet application.

Uchat Songkran Day-Out 2019

Various artiste from both local and international scenes will be gracing their presence at the event, such as the successful Produce 101 trainee turned Kpop star Chung Ha, German-Thai singer Jannine “Ploychompoo” Weigel, popular Thai girl group BNK48, Taiwan-based Malaysian actress and singer Lin Min Chen, actress and singer Elizabeth Tan, Malaysian rock band Bunkface, famed Malaysian YouTuber turned professional singer Priscilla Abby, and young heart-throb singer songwriter As’ad Motawh.

Uchat Songkran Day-Out 2019

Encouraging and promoting fun interaction between UChat Songkran Day-Out participants and celebrities, the unique event called ‘Challenge The InstaCelebs’ will be one of the star attractions of the event.

Uchat Songkran Day-Out 2019

Lucky participants who have accomplished thetask of forming teams of five may be chosen to a duel with Instagram famouspersonalities such as Gladish, Findy, Mika, Wan Li, Yii Yii, Yang BaoBei, Charles Tee, and more.

Uchat Songkran Day-Out 2019

The only Malaysian 2-in-1 mobile phone application UChat will play an important role. Tickets purchase and all transactions at the event will be performed using UChatPay, ane-wallet application that simplifies and streamlines cashless transactions as well assplitting bills and transferring funds. It also comes complete with a messaging application called UChat, that lets you get in touch with friends and have load of fun with stickers.

Uchat Songkran Day-Out 2019

Joining the international artists are 5 Malaysian performers which include pop rock trio Bunkface, singer-turned-actress Elizabeth Tan, Mandapop star Min Chen, YouTube sensation Priscilla Abby, and local heartthrob As’ad Motawh.

Uchat Songkran Day-Out 2019

Apart from the concerts and water activities, partygoers can also enjoy the mouth-watering local Thai food from the various food trucks at the event.

Uchat Songkran Day-Out 2019

“Technological advancements are happening rapidly. Cash is still relatively king in Malaysia so we want to help transform the mindset of using physical cash to e-money and encourage the adoption of e-wallet. According to the market potential and favourable growth industry, Malaysia’s e-wallet could grow to USD 20 billions by 2024. Our e-wallet, UChatPay is made to cater to all Malaysian who are heading towards cashless interactions. Our e-Wallet, UChatPay is made to transform the fundamental way Malaysians transact, from making small purchases at a sundry shop across the street to travelling while carrying nothing but your phone,”

– Dato’ Allan Goh, Managing Director of i-Serve.
Tiket Uchat

Tickets can be purchased via UChat App from RM111. For more info on how to purchase the tickets, visit

Uchat Songkran Day-Out 2019

About i-Serve

i-Serve is more than just a technology company. They’ve focused their passion on developing their own web and mobile application products, introduced online payment solutions, and constructed e-ticketing solutions. After successfully acquired an e-walletlicense from Bank Negara, i-Serve has expanded into the fintech industry starting withan introduction of 2-in-1 messaging and e-wallet app in Malaysia.

Aiming to transform digital lifestyles, the organisation intends to innovate the e-money sector and enrich lives by offering diverse amounts of smartphone applications and IT solutions.

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