Good Rockin Time With NRG at Hard Rock Cafe


NRG otherwise known as Name, Reputation & Glamour or in the Malaysian national language Nama, Rupa & Gaya will be rockin’ the Hard Rock stage in August & September 2011. NRG is one of the longest running Malaysian club Band.

Formed in 1991, this Kuala Lumpur based pop-rock group NRG, as its name suggests, is a highly energetic band. Performing in a variety of languages, NRG’s repertoire includes current chart busters, which makes them a hit with the crowd wherever they play. In addition, with their very own blend of raw power and slick showmanship, NRG continues to be the band of choice in the highly competitive arena of live commercial rock.


NRG constantly have the crowd yearning for more night after night, gig after gig. It is a challenge they easily take as this band is one of the most versatile you can ever come across. NRG never fails to get the house jam-packed with the crowd that’s eager to experience the ultimate energetic performance. Their years of experience in music have brought them fame amongst club-goers.

With much of their talent coming from the big city, it is not surprising that the group’s gigs are predominantly in China, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, where they have played in a variety of pubs, entertainment outlets and hotel functions as well as national TV when they can find the time. The members of the band have also performed on the international stage in Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, as well as neighboring ASEAN countries.

A key feature of NRG’s wide appeal is their versatility and the unique way they combine their talents to sing, dance, and humor their way through a performance. This combined with their close rapport with audiences of all backgrounds makes NRG a very entertaining package indeed.

Comprising of experienced musicians from various fields of the industry, the band consists of Jasminor Mohd Jamil (Vocal, Drums, Guitars), Kelana Ulong Idris (Drums), Helmi Ismail (Bass), Errie Naham Abd Hamid (Guitars, Vocals), Muhamad Haszrul Ibrahim (Keyboards, Vocals), Shahron Hussein (Vocals) and Malisa Janudin (Vocals).

The leader of the band, Jasminor said, “The band is very excited to perform in Hard Rock Kuala Lumpur again. It’s been a while since they performed at Hard Rock and they can’t wait. The band promises a fun rockin’ time with them!”.

Don’t miss their storming performance every Monday to Saturday at 11.00pm onwards. Cover charge for NRG is RM25 ( inclusive of one standard drink) on Monday till Thursday and RM40 ( inclusive of one standard drink) on Friday and Saturday.

Written by Budiey

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