Gene Simmons Family Jewels

Program Title: Gene Simmons: Family Jewels (New Season)
Telecast date: Every Wednesday, 13 April 2011
Telecast Time: 8.30pm
Channel: Astro, Channel 731

Program synopsis:
Dad is Gene Simmons, the legendary, tongue wagging demon of KISS. Mom is Shannon Tweed — former Playmate Of The Year, actress and model. And their kids, Nick and Sophie, are, well…surprisingly charming, well-behaved teenagers dealing with the trials and tribulations of adolescence, even though Mom and Dad are like no one else s parents.

Gene Simmons_Family Jewels

Gene and Shannon have been happily UNmarried for 22 years and have no plans of getting married any time soon. Gene is a rock star, and a multi-media magnate. He is also the kind of dad who brings Gatorade to his daughter’s soccer games and stands in the front row of his son’s rock band when they play gigs. This series will reveal the side of Gene that he has kept hidden until now, and shows how the most non-traditional, traditional family in America manages to make it work under the oddest of circumstances.

Slumber Party, 13 April
When Shannon falls ill it is up to Gene to keep an eye on Sophie and her 5 hyper friends, fend off a hoard of horny boys trying to crash the party and track down one bad girl who sneaks out for a little rendezvous.

Movin’ Out, 20 April
The Simmons-Tweed household is turned upside down when a foreign exchange student visits Sophie and Nick gets his own apartment for the summer with a difficult landlord.

My Fair Lady, 27 April
While Gene is in Mexico for an award show a friend from the Tweed s hometown of Dildo, New Foundland comes to visit and quickly transforms into a Beverly Hills cougar, much to the chagrin of her husband who liked the Plain Jane he married.

This program is available in Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese subtitles.

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Written by Budiey

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