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Fitbit Launches Versa 2

Fitbit’s first smartwatch with Amazon Alexa Built-in on all models bring more convenience

Fitbit Launches Versa 2, a premium, voice-enabled lifestyle smartwatch packed with even more advanced health, fitness and convenience features powered by 5+ days battery life to maximize your day and night

Innovative sleep features like Sleep Score and smart wake to help you improve your sleep as an important component of overall health.


Spotify Expands Music Options For Motivation

Fitbit (NYSE: FIT) today announced the launch of Fitbit Versa 2TM, the next generation of its best-selling smartwatch, Fitbit VersaTM. Versa 2 delivers a new precision-crafted swimproof design, includes innovative sleep features like Sleep Score and smart wake, and is packed with even more advanced health, fitness and smart features to elevate every moment.1 For next-level convenience, Versa 2 debuts an on-device microphone, which enables Fitbit’s first-ever Amazon Alexa smartwatch experience, along with a Spotify app that allows users to control their music and podcasts. Coupled with even faster performance, thousands of apps and clock faces and a brighter, crisper display with an optional always-on mode, Versa 2 is your 24/7 health and wellness companion – now with 5+ days battery life at the same approachable price as Versa. 2

“At Fitbit, we believe that health belongs to everyone and that people should not be priced out of having access to devices and features that can help them improve their health. That’s why we’vedesigned Versa 2 to be a premium, full-featured and easy-to-use smartwatch at an accessible pricepoint,” said James Park, co-founder and CEO of Fitbit. “Building on the success of our original best- selling Versa smartwatch, we believe the added value and innovation in Versa 2 with new features like Alexa, a Spotify app and advanced in-app and on-device sleep features, will bring more users into thesmartwatch category, allowing them to unlock the benefits of better health.”

PR asset of Fitbit Premium on Android, showing Today screen with insights. For placement into renders or lifestyle imagery only.

Better Sleep For Better, More Active Days

Sleep is critical to maintaining overall health and wellness, and when surveyed by Fitbit, nearly two- thirds (64 percent) of participants list sleep as a very important health and fitness priority, but one-third of American adults do not get enough sleep on a regular basis.3 Fitbit pioneered wearable sleep tracking more than 10 years ago, making information previously only available from a medical professional widely accessible on the wrist. As a leader in tracked sleep, we have applied learnings from more than 10.5 billion nights of sleep tracked to innovate in this critical area of health, and the latest sleep features will not only help you better understand your sleep, but provide the features to help you improve it:

● Sleep Score: Receive a nightly score in the Fitbit® app for better insight into your sleep quality. Your score is based on heart rate (sleeping and resting), restlessness, time awake and Sleep Stages. For more insights and analysis behind your Sleep Score, upgrade to Fitbit Premium. 4

  • Smart wake: Coming soon to all Fitbit smartwatches, smart wake uses machine learning to wake you during an optimal time of your sleep cycle while in light or REM sleep, based on a pre- selected 30-minute interval, so you wake up feeling more refreshed.5
  • Sleep Mode: Simultaneously disable your screen display and silence notifications for a night freeof disturbances. Sleep Mode can also be used anytime you don’t want to be interrupted, likeduring a workout or in a meeting. 6
  • Estimated Oxygen Variation Graph: Coming soon, this graph will provide users with an estimate of the variability of oxygen levels in their bloodstream. The data is derived from a combination of the red and infrared sensors on the back of your device. Being aware of short-term variations in the oxygen levels in your bloodstream may indicate variations in your breathing during sleep.In addition to helping millions around the world better understand and improve their sleep, Fitbit continues to deliver the advanced health and fitness features that our users know and love. On Versa 2, these include: automatic activity tracking, PurePulse® 24/7 heart rate tracking, 15+ goal-based exercise modes, connected GPS and water resistance up to 50 meters.Alexa, can you help me get healthier?Yes, Alexa can do that on Versa 2! Enabled by Fitbit’s first on-device microphone, Versa 2 is the first Fitbit smartwatch with Alexa Built-in, taking Alexa out of your home and onto your wrist to help support your active lifestyle, like starting a Fitbit Exercise on-wrist, finding the nearest gym, even learning the caloric value of an avocado (in case you’re wondering, it’s 322 calories). 7 Alexa responds to voice commands on Versa 2 with discreet, silent on-screen text responses. With just a press of a button, speak into the microphone to use Alexa skills on Versa 2 for added convenience wherever you are. Alexa can also help with everyday tasks on-the-go, like setting alarms and timers, checking the local weather and news, controlling your smart home devices, and much more through the sound of your voice. 8Added convenience and smart features to amplify your dayIn addition to Alexa Built-in, Versa 2 comes with even more features to add convenience and ease to your day on all models.Fitbit is also bringing the Spotify app experience to Versa 2, allowing Spotify Premium subscribers to control music and podcasts so you can find all-day motivation directly from your wrist. 9 The Spotify app lets you control playback on-the-go, change playlists, like songs, and easily switch music output without skipping a beat. The ability to control Spotify adds even more music functionality to Fitbit for you to listen to your music for motivation.10 Additionally, Versa 2 has the ability to store and play 300+ songs from your personal music library, download Pandora stations, and add Deezer playlists.11To help simplify your life, Versa 2 offers all the essential smart features like smartphone notifications so you can view app, call, calendar and text notifications right from your wrist.12 If you have an Android phone, you can also use the new on-device microphone to reply to texts and notifications from the wrist.13 Plus, you can also choose from nearly 3,000 apps and clock faces to personalize the stats you see and access the apps you need so everything is in one place.

Faster Performance, Elevated Design

Now packed with more advanced features, Versa 2 is also powered by a faster processor compared to Versa for better performance and seamless navigation. Plus, a larger AMOLED display delivers a superior experience with boosted viewability and crisper color, and enables an optional always-on display mode, which boasts 2+ days battery life so you can easily check the time and see your stats during a workout without lifting your wrist or pressing a button.14

Versa 2 is Fitbit’s most premium, modern smartwatch design yet. It is precision-crafted with subtle material, finish and form updates, giving the smartwatch an elevated yet universal appeal. The watch is durable and water resistant up to 50 meters, yet lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day and night with rounded edges and a curved case. An anodized aluminum finish in a natural color palette gives a sophisticated, modern aesthetic to complement any style or look – and with the simplified one- button design, Versa 2 has a sleek silhouette reminiscent of a classic timepiece.

Applying design to style, Versa 2 Special Edition features a premium jacquard woven band in navy and pink with a copper rose aluminum case or smoke with a mist grey case, plus a contemporary color- matched classic silicone band in navy and olive, respectively, for two chic styles in one. All special edition devices will also come with a free three-month trial of the Fitbit Premium membership for an elevated holistic health and fitness experience.15

Accessories Designed For Every Occasion

To complement its enhanced design, Versa 2 offers a wide variety of new accessories for work, play and working out, all of which are compatible across the entire Versa family. Featuring new colors, materials and styles, the lineup offers an array of options for any lifestyle or activity:

  • Classic bands: Stain-resistant, comfortable, soft and waterproof, classic silicone bands are available in new colors, including black, petal, stone, midnight blue and olive.16
  • Sport-inspired: Designed for all types of workouts or a sportier look, the Versa family’s first sportbands are perforated for added breathability, available in navy, black, glacier, frost white and coral, in the same stain-resistant, comfortable silicone as the classic bands. 17
  • Athleisure-centric: Woven bands made from recycled materials flaunt a reflective stripe and come in on-trend color combinations, like charcoal with an orange stripe, pink on pink stripe, and navy on navy stripe.20
  • Fashionable leather and suede: Premium Horween® leather perforated bands in charcoal and moss suede add an elegance to any look, whether at the office or a night out.18
  • ECCO Rescue technology: RECCO’s renowned rescue reflector technology is integrated into a sporty and rugged woven navy band to make you more searchable by professional rescuers and is fastened securely with a velcro strap to stay on no matter how extreme the activity. Designed with RECCO’s proprietary reflector, which requires no charge and lasts a lifetime, outdoorenthusiasts have added safety and peace of mind when tackling their favorite activities.19
Lockup of Fitbit Aria Air in White and Black.

Pricing and Availability

Versa 2 is available for MYR 998 in black with a carbon case, petal with a copper rose aluminum case, and stone with a mist grey case; accessories range from MYR 148 – MYR 238. Versa 2 Special Edition is available for MYR 1068 in navy and pink with a copper rose aluminum case and smoke with a mist grey case.

Versa 2 will be available in stores worldwide beginning September 15, 2019 across retailers like All IT Hypermarket, Best Denki, City Chain, Flash Gadget, Harvey Norman, Lazada, Thunder Match & Timekeeper. Local availability date to be announced. Two exclusive editions – emerald and plum, both with a copper rose case – will also be available this fall, only on select retailers.

Today, Fitbit also announced Fitbit Premium, its new paid membership service, as well as Fitbit AriaAirTM. See all news and download images at

About Fitbit, Inc. (NYSE: FIT)

Fitbit helps people lead healthier, more active lives by empowering them with data, inspiration and guidance to reach their goals. Fitbit designs products and experiences that track and provide motivation for everyday health and fitness. Fitbit’s diverse line of innovative and popular products include FitbitCharge 3TM, Fitbit Inspire HRTM, Fitbit InspireTM and Fitbit Ace 2TM activity trackers, as well as the FitbitIonicTM and Fitbit VersaTM family of smartwatches, Fitbit FlyerTM wireless headphones, and Fitbit Ariafamily of smart scales. Fitbit products are carried in approximately 39,000 retail stores and in 100+countries around the globe. Powered by one of the world’s largest databases of activity, exercise and sleep data and Fitbit’s leading health and fitness social network, the Fitbit platform delivers personalized experiences, insights and guidance through leading software and interactive tools, including the Fitbitand Fitbit Coach apps, and Fitbit OS for smartwatches. Fitbit’s paid subscription service, Fitbit Premium, uses your unique data to deliver actionable guidance and coaching in the Fitbit app to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Fitbit Health Solutions develops health and wellness solutions designed to help increase engagement, improve health outcomes, and drive a positive return for employers, health plans and health systems.

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described in this release; future potential of the product features or services described in this release; our ability to attract more users to the smartwatch category; and our ability to help users manage or improve their health and wellness. These forward-looking statements are only predictions and may differ materially from actual results due to a variety of factors, including the effects of the highly competitive market in which we operate, including competition from much larger technology companies; any inability to successfully develop and introduce new products, features, and services or enhance existing products and services; product liability issues, security breaches or other defects; andother factors discussed under the heading “Risk Factors” in our most recent report on Form 10-Q filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. All forward-looking statements contained herein are based on information available to us as of the date hereof and we do not assume any obligation to update these statements as a result of new information or future events.

1 Water resistant to 50M. Sleep Score available in-app for all Fitbit users with heart rate-enabled devices; coming soon to view Sleep Score on- wrist on Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa family of smartwatches. Smart wake coming soon; available only on Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa family of smartwatches.
2 Battery life varies with use and other factors. Always-on display mode requires more frequent charging.

3 Based upon Fitbit Wearable and Health and Fitness Market Attitudes and Usage Study survey participants from April 2019-July 2019 (among adults 18-70). Centers for Disease Control:
4 Available in-app for all Fitbit users with heart rate-enabled devices. Coming soon to view score on-wrist on Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa family of smartwatches.

5 Smart wake coming soon; available only on Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa family of smartwatches.6 Sleep Mode available only on Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa family of smartwatches.
7 Starting a Fitbit Exercise on-wrist coming soon available only on Fitbit Versa 2.
8 Amazon account and app required. Compatible smart home devices only.

9 Spotify app not available in all countries.
10 Bluetooth connection to Spotify app on phone required.
11 Subscription required. Pandora is U.S. only.
12 Requires phone nearby.
13 Android only. Versa 2 features may change, be discontinued, or require payment in future. Voice replies are supported in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Swedish and Dutch.
14 Always-on display mode requires more frequent charging.
15 Trial promotions only available where Fitbit Premium is available. The 90-day trial is only valid on purchases of Fitbit Versa 2 Special Edition. This free trial may only be activated with device. Valid payment method required. This free trial must be activated within 60 days of device activation. Cancel before free trial ends to avoid subscription fees (taxes and fees may apply). Content and features subject to change. Offer valid for new Fitbit Premium users only.
16 Classic bands in petal, stone, midnight blue and olive sold exclusively at
17 Sold exclusively at
18 Made with Horween leather and other materials; sold exclusively at
19 RECCO technology is not a substitute for an avalanche transceiver. RECCO technology does not prevent avalanches or guarantee the survival or localization of a victim or lost person. Knowledge and common sense are the best ways to avoid accidents. Always respect safety rules and regulations. Sold exclusively at

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