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Exclusive ‘One Day Only’ Charity Screening of ANITA at GSC The Starling Mall

Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) in conjunction with Sony Pictures Malaysia are pleased to announce a “one day only” special charity screening for Anita on Sunday, 14th November 2021, to be held exclusively at GSC The Starling Mall.

The charity screening, which is four days earlier than the official local release of the film, will see proceeds donated to Rose Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising awareness for cervical cancer and making cervical screening more accessible to women in Malaysia.

Rose Foundation was chosen as the charity partner for the screening, in honour of the late Anita Mui’s own personal battle with cervical cancer

Exclusive 'One Day Only' Charity Screening Of Anita At Gsc The Starling Mall

As part of the screening, GSC The Starling Mall will be transformed into a magnificent tribute to the iconic style, fashion, and music of Anita Mui. From a collection of memorabilia celebrating the songstress’ illustrious life to a pictorial gallery of movie posters inspired by her albums, fans will be able to relive the most iconic moments from her career.

Brought to life by GSC’s Events and Experiential team, the screening will also feature the red carpeted grand staircase on which she performed her swansong “The Song of Sunset” at her farewell concert in the Hong Kong Coliseum in 2003. 

Tickets to the charity screening are now available for pre-order on GSC’s Mobile App and Website at As part of the screening, fans will also receive limited edition printed ticket and pocket tissues. 


In 2003, Anita Mui left us. The demise of a generational superstar marks the end of a glorious era in Hong Kong. The four-year-old little singer who appeared on stage in Li Yuan Amusement Park, sang and rose to fame as one of Asia’s most iconic superstars. In her mere 40 years of life, how much hardships and sacrifices has she made? Behind the stardom, her love life, her passion for work, her love for friends and for Hong Kong has given her an irreplaceable status of the “daughter of Hong Kong”. Edko Films and Irresistible Films have prepared for 7 years to produce “Anita”, which will bring her legacy back to the eyes of fans. 

About ROSE Foundation 

ROSE Foundation was set up in 2019 and has set itself the ambitious goal of making Malaysia one of the first nations in the region to be free of cervical cancer. The foundation’s mission is to deliver cervical screening to women in Malaysia using its signature and revolutionary approach, Program ROSE (Removing Obstacles to cervical ScrEening). This comprehensive program consists of three components which are self-sampling, Human Papillomavirus (HPV) DNA testing and the use of a mobile e-platform. Unlike a conventional Pap smear which involves a pelvic examination by a doctor at the clinic or hospital, Program ROSE offers women the dignified choice of using a self- swab; a quick, convenient and effective approach.

Results of the HPV test are communicated to the women via mobile phone. The unique feature of Program ROSE is that this is not merely a self- screening test but with the use of digital technology and personalized care, all women who test positive for HPV DNA are linked to care and referred to the appropriate specialist for follow up. ROSE FOUNDATION is registered as a company limited by guarantee and as a charitable foundation in Malaysia, with tax-exempt status granted under Section 44(6) of the Income Tax Act, 1967. The mission of ROSE Foundation is to deliver the highest standard of cervical screening services to women in Malaysia using Program ROSE, in line with the World Health Organization (WHO) cervical cancer elimination goals and prioritizing the under-screened population. Its vision is a cervical cancer-free future for women in Malaysia. 

For more info:
ROSE website –
ROSE YouTube – 

Written by Budiey

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