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Diva Friday Night Movies
Doesn’t the cool December air make you just want to curl up on the couch for a warm snuggle? DIVA Friday Night Movies are the perfect companion for those balmy nights.

The Killing Game
Premieres 2nd December, Friday @ 10pm

Mother knows best: Ten years ago, Eve Duncan’s little daughter Bonnie disappeared and was found murdered. Now, the man claiming to be Bonnie’s killer is back — and he’s taunting Eve (Laura Prepon, The 70’s Show) with the grisly details of her daughter’s death. Eve is compelled to use her skills as a forensic sculptor to piece together clues before he can kill again.

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Premieres 9th December, Friday @ 10pm

Don’t talk to strangers: Not every handsome and charismatic stranger you meet in the Australian outback turns out to be a Hugh Jackman (We can only dream!). A young Brit couple learns this lesson the hard way when they make friends with a fellow traveller who turns their jaunt in Oz from holiday to horrifying.

The Hunt for the I-5 Killer
Premieres 16th December, Friday @ 10pm

Highway to horror: John Corbett (Sex and the City, Northern Exposure) stars as an investigator in pursuit of a sadistic sexual predator suspected of killing as many as 44 victims. The only connecting thread: the I-5 highway that runs through the states of California, Washington and Oregon. This chilling, true-to-life tale leads up to a shocking twist when the killer is finally unmasked. We may never be able to trust those boy-next-door types again.

Bringing Ashley Home
Premieres 23rd December, Friday @ 10pm
Blood is thicker than water: Libba has always tried to be a responsible big sister to Ashley, her drug-addicted, bipolar younger sister, but Libba’s family is ripped to shreds when one day, Ashley disappears without a trace. Her emotional search stretches on for years and takes everything she has, even her marriage and career. When Libba finds more than just her wayward little sister, you’re sure to find inspiration. Based on a true story.

He Loves Me
Premieres 30th December, Friday @ 10pm

Mrs Perfect: Laura has everything: a successful career, a happy marriage, and an adorable daughter. But cracks appear in her perfect façade when she begins to suspect her husband of having an affair. Desperate to save her marriage, she becomes increasingly paranoid, dangerously delusional and alarmingly violent. As Laura descends into madness, she takes drastic measures to preserve her fragile dream world… even if means lashing out against the people she loves most.

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