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Burning Questions from Lupin: Part 1 That We Hope Will Be Answered Tomorrow

Lupin, the famous French series that sneakily captured our hearts is finally back tomorrow! No thanks to the cliffhanger ending in Part 1, the past few months have been especially intolerable for fans like us as we ponder upon the questions, “Wait, what?” and “No! What happened?!”. The wait is over and that means we can finally get these burning questions below answered.

1. Did Raoul Survive?

Lupin: Part 1 ended on a cliffhanger that not only kept us on the edge of our seats. but also made us paint a thousand possible scenarios in our heads. Will Assane be able to save his only child or will the anguish of losing Raoul turn the story around?

Will Youssef Guedira’s obsession with Lupin make him an ally or will the cat-and-mouse game go on a little longer?

Every good series needs an unexpected ally, and in Assane’s case, that person is Guedira. The trailer hints at Guedira teaming up with Lupin, but is he really an ally or are his actions hiding his true intentions – to put Assane behind bars once and for all?

Juliette Pellegrini. Innocent pawn… in it with her dad?

No one really knows what her intentions are at the end of Lupin:Part 1. Does she know more than she lets on, or is she just another innocent bystander in the grand scheme of things?

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