BREAKOUT Bakal Dibuka di Nu Sentral Kuala Lumpur

Opening Soon! BREAKOUT will open new outlet with 7 brand new themed rooms in NuSentral in May 2015! BREAKOUT, the No.1 KL amusement activity as recommended by world authority on TripAdvisor will launch a brand new outlet in NuSentral this coming April.

NuSentral is located strategically next to KL SENTRAL Station, the main transport hub of Kuala Lumpur. With 7 brand new themes and more immersive storylines, players can experience a theatrical grandeur with a whole new escape game experience leaning towards surrealism.


“It’s suitable for escape game enthusiasts, families or curious new customers alike as we are very passionate and dedicated in crafting original stories and themes for players to immerse themselves in. Hence, players can expect new story lines with interesting concepts, complemented by new innovations in the game play,” says Johnny Ong, Head of Creative & Operations at Breakout. The design of the shop frontage will be completely different compared to BREAKOUT’s first Avenue K outlet though the NuSentral venue will continue to maintain the familiar, grill-and-bar appearance for returning customers and fans.

“The design of the new outlet crystallizes the experience of stepping into a different world entirely. The theatrics of the front echoes a past that is rich in imagination, reflecting Breakout’s nature of business which is to provide an imaginative experience for players to indulge in. Red velvet curtains amid the sea of dark grey timber hide secrets behind each corner, preserving Breakout’s main play shrouded in secrecy and mystery,” says Wilken Ee, Head of Design at Breakout.

An extraordinary concept of reality escape games, Breakout Nu Sentral will provide customers a surreal experience through critical mind puzzles in a movie-like setting. Breakout is also an ideal platform to bond families, friends and corporate executives.

Breakout’s new outlet will open in May 2015. Gamers can now look forward to a brand new gaming experience and start marking their calendar to join our imaginative and visionary experience. At present, Breakout is operating daily from 10am-10pm located at Level 2, Avenue K with 5 unique theme rooms.

The company is also expanding the business around Malaysia and overseas in the second quarter of 2015 through licensing opportunities.

Written by Budiey

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