Astro Xi Yue HD Malaysia’s First Free High Definition Channel on Njoi

Astro announced the launch of Malaysia’s First Free High Definition Channel on Njoi, Astro Xi Yue HD (Channel 300), starting 1 February 2015. For the first time, customers on our free satellite service, Njoi will be able to experience exceptionally clear, crisp pictures with vivid colours and up to five times more detail than standard definition via Astro Xi Yue HD.

CNYPreview (13) Astro Xi Yue HD, Malaysia’s First Free High Definition Channel on Njoi will be launched on 1st Feb 2015

Astro Xi Yue HD will be made available to all Njoi and Astro customers on HD enabled boxes. The channel will showcase some of the best drama serials from China, Taiwan, Singapore; world class documentaries, travelogues, musical programs and variety shows in Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese, all in stunning detail. In addition, key local programmes across other Astro branded channels will be broadcast on this channel as well.

Astro Xi Yue HD, Malaysia’s First Free High Definition Channel on Njoi

Choo Chi Han, Vice President, Chinese Customer Business, Astro said:

“HD is now a norm for our programming and channels and with more than 55% of our Njoi customers on HD enabled boxes, Astro Xi Yue HD brings the excitement of HD to Njoi. Astro Xi Yue HD will allow us to showcase more choice Chinese programming in richer colours, picture-perfect clarity and cinematic surround sound – highlighting our commitment to high quality and engaging programmes from the Astro.

Astro Xi Yue HD will also be available to all Astro customers on HD enabled boxes and with more than 88% of Astro customers on HD enabled boxes, HD is highly valued by our customers. Astro Xi Yue HD aims to provide Astro customers a sampler of HD content and quality to encourage customers to move towards HD service subscription.”

At launch, Astro Xi Yue HD will showcase a myriad of programming genres, including the popular drama series, ‘Father and Son’, ‘Justice, My Foot’, ‘Way Back into Love’ and ‘KO One-Return’. Astro Xi Yue HD will also showcase the epic documentary, ‘The Great China Discovery IV’ and popular variety programme ‘King of The Show ‘. Astro Xi Yue HD’s Chinese New Year 2015 line-up includes; ‘2014 Hokkien CNY Special’, ‘2014 Super Star Red vs White Show’, ‘2014 Super Night Club CNY Special’, ‘Mayday Nowhere 3D’, ‘I Love Hong Kong 2012’, and ‘Jiangsu Count Down Concert 2013’.

CNYPreview (1) Choo Chi Han, VP of Chinese Customer Business, Astro talked about Astro Xi Yue HD channel

With the addition of Xi Yue HD, Njoi provides customers’ access to 25 TV and 20 radio channels, comprising lifelong learning, information and entertainment programmes for a one-time payment, with no monthly subscription and contracts. Njoi is available from RM248 at any authorised Njoi retailer with an additional RM100 for standard installation. For more information on purchasing Njoi, visit

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