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ZOMBITOPIA Premieres Today, Exclusively On Disney+ Hotstar

Shaheizy Sam, Bront Palarae, Datin Elvina And Sharifah Amani Star In The Highly-Anticipated Blockbuster

Get ready for an action-packed experience as highly-anticipated Malaysian blockbuster Zombitopia premieres exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar today. The film starts in the aftermath of a vicious zombie outbreak in Malaysia. Zidik (Shaheizy Sam) is left to battle the harsh reality of life after a zombie breakout, and has to face his traumatic past of losing his family to the zombie virus when another outbreak occurs.

Zombitopia also stars Bront Palarae as Dr Rahman, Datin Elvina Mohamad as Zooey and Sharifah Amani as Maya.


“It is a serious film with a grim setting, but what makes the story great is the fact that you can relate to this situation. You can see through Zombitopia how people would react to an outbreak in society,” said Shaheizy Sam. 

Characterised as the antagonist, Bront Palarae added that Zombitopia has a dynamic storyline. He commented, “Zombitopia is a film that is fast paced, aggressive and yet it also features a  wholesome human element to it which I’m sure the audience will love.”

Zombitopia is the second zombie film by director Woo Ming Jin, who set out to tell a different kind of zombie movie. “My focus on Zombitopia as a filmmaker is about the characters and the journey that they go through, as well as bringing the aspect of humanity to it. Zombie films in general do have a great reception in this region and it is also an evergreen genre. I feel that Zombitopia will resonate well with audiences.”

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