Women Are More Complex Than Advertisers Think

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]omen in Asia can be classified into five distinct segments according to their motivations, aspirations and attitudes as revealed by NBCUniversal’s latest foray in understanding the female pay-television audience. For the first time ever, these five groups have been identified in the entertainment network’s latest High Heeled Warriors psychographic research on urban women across South East Asia. The research presents unique data on women, giving advertisers the knowledge to tap into the most important commercial opportunity. The research will be illuminated to advertisers and content distributors from today.

NBCUniversal Study Provides New Insight to the Female Consumer Psyche for Marketers to Respond to Women in a Targeted Way

With over 3000 female participants (aged 20-44) from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong revealing their motivations, aspirations, attitudes and usage of consumer products, High Heeled Warriors presents the five unique segment identifiers which define the Asian woman in her consumer habits.

Christine Fellowes, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Universal Networks International says,

“We see the majority of our audience, who are women, scaling up in education, earning power and aspirations over the last few years. The ASEAN region has the highest proportion of women in senior management roles in the world – at 32% versus the global average of 21%. 31% of women in Asia are chief income earners and purchase over 60% of traditionally male products. It is fundamental that advertisers listen to the needs of this critical demographic and yet we hear from women that they don’t feel engaged by today’s ad campaigns. The distinction of women and her influences uncovered by High Heeled Warriors research allow us and advertisers to effectively engage with women across Asia. Since Asia’s pay-television females are big media consumers and list pay-TV as their #1 source of information on new products, NBCUniversal is the most valuable vehicle to connect with women.”

NBCUniversal International Television, the world’s largest entertainment company which operates popular television channels in Asia Pacific – Universal Channel, DIVA Universal, E!, Style, Syfy and 13 Street Universal is the only entertainment network that comprehensively commits to and remains relevant to the contemporary female television audience with its broad channels offering. The investment in understanding the female pay-TV audience in Asia has allowed the network to create distinct channel environments with topical and highly-appealing programming, creative and marketing strategies that are far-reaching with this demographic.

The five distinct groups uncovered by the High Heeled Warriors study are: unique Trailblazers – big spending, career-focused and individualistic women who consume a variety of media including entertainment on multiple platforms; the spontaneous Passionistas that live for the moment; the connectors who are known as Social-Siders with the most number of friends on Facebook among the five segments and treat TV as a social activity; the Peace-Keepers who are fiercely loyal consumers that stick to their favorite brands and TV shows as they seek stability in their lives; and family-oriented Heart-Warmers who take pride and spend for their family.

The High Heeled Warriors research, conducted by Ipsos (formerly Synovate), was first launched in 2011 as an in-depth, qualitative analysis of the female Asian pay-TV audience and uncovered the motivations influencing the choices they make in finance, travel, fashion, beauty and automotive. The new quantitative research results will be presented to advertisers and media buyers across Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and The Philippines in June 2013.





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About Universal Networks International
Universal Networks International, the international channels division of NBCUniversal, is one of the world’s premier entertainment portfolios, delivering quality content and compelling brands to over 176 territories across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific. The brands in the portfolio include Universal Channel, Syfy, 13th Street Universal, Studio Universal, E! Entertainment Television, The Style Network, DIVA Universal and Golf Channel. These unique brands deliver a full range of entertainment experiences to local audiences across the globe. Universal Networks International also operates Movies 24 and has a controlling interest in the KidsCo joint venture.

Universal Networks International is a division of NBCUniversal, one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of entertainment, news, and information to a global audience. NBCUniversal owns and operates a valuable portfolio of news and entertainment television networks, a premier motion picture company, significant television production operations, a leading television stations group, and world-renowned theme parks. NBCUniversal is owned by Comcast Corporation.

About DIVA Universal
DIVA Universal is Asia’s leading entertainment channel for women who live life to the full. Bringing positive style and a sassy attitude to the small screen, DIVA Universal celebrates the richness of life and real-life glamour with exclusive and award-winning dramas and unscripted shows. DIVA Universal is also synonymous with exciting localized and original lifestyle content that greatly appeals to Asia’s savvy audiences.

About E! Entertainment
E! is the home of pop culture, capturing the topics that fascinate us all. Through personalities, trends, music, fashion, art, nightlife, entertainment and philanthropy, pop culture is the shared experience that brings people together and inspires passion and loyalty. Topical and up to the minute, E! covers and generates pop culture buzz 24/7.


What is High Heeled Warriors?
• High Heeled Warriors is NBCUniversal’s unique study of women across South East Asia to better understand women’s motivations, attitudes and aspirations that define her consumer habits

• The latest High Heeled Warriors quantitative study was conducted by Ipsos in December 2012 with 3000 respondents (women 20-44) across 5 territories (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong). The research identified 5 unique segments that define Asian women as consumers: Trailblazers, Passionistas, Social-Siders, Heart-Warmers & Peace-Keepers

• High Heeled Warriors epitomizes the Asian woman’s ambition, value and self-identity. It covers aspects such as media usage, consumer electronics, finance, travel, fashion, beauty and automotive

• The first leg of research was conducted in 2011 by Synovate (now Ipsos) for an in-depth qualitative look at the pay-TV female audience across 4 territories (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia)

Why are High Heeled Warriors important to the advertiser?
• Women control US$20 trillion of consumer spending worldwide1
• Women are making or influencing 80% of all purchase decisions, including 60% of traditional male products (eg. automobiles, home improvement products and consumer electronics)2
• ASEAN has a greater percentage of women in senior management roles @ 32% versus the global average of 21%. Malaysia is among the top 10 countries globally @ 28%3

Why NBCUniversal?
• Pay-TV remains the #1 choice for women to learn about new products and services
• NBCUniversal is the only entertainment network that comprehensively engages the contemporary female pay-TV audience with its immensely popular channel brands in Malaysia – E! and DIVA Universal
• From recent Brand Tracker research in Malaysia, we found that: DIVA was the most loved channel airing viewers favourite programs and was ranked #1 as the channel worth paying for
• The same brand tracker showed that 86% of Astro viewers who are aware of DIVA watched the channel frequently and 83% of Astro viewers who receive E!, watched E! frequently
• NBCUniversal takes a targeted approach to its programming, marketing and creative strategies to speak to female pay-TV consumers in Asia
High Heeled Warriors – What does it mean to the advertiser?
• High Heeled Warriors has uncovered the complexity and multi-layers of the female consumer and their key touchpoints. Marketers and pay-TV operators now have the knowledge tools to target women in Asia by using the segmentation models, which highlight key areas advertisers can use to identify and reach core target audiences. Only through segmentation can advertisers begin to talk to women at a level where they will listen
• With Pay-TV being their most important source of information on new products and services and NBCUniversal channels E! and DIVA Universal being two of the most engaging brands for women, advertisers can turn to NBCUniversal to connect with this critical demographic

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