Wardrobe Sharpens The Art Of Casual Dressing

Renowned bespoke tailoring house, Wardrobe, is introducing a range of casual jackets and fabrics sourced from Europe, upping Malaysia’s trendy and casual dressing styles with a touch of elegance.

“Casual jackets are men’s best friend as they can be worn at occasions ranging from semi-formal to a more relaxed environment. This is a jacket which gives you endless versatility and prepares you to look your best,” stated Mr. Lim Fang Heng, CEO of Wardrobe.

Mr. Lim added, “Cotton, linen and corduroy are fine casual fabrics that are breathable and light. These are perfect for the hot and humid tropical Malaysian weather. We are harmonizing these fabrics with styles that bring comfort in a total package, carrying various premium brands like Zignone, Ormezzano, Holland & Sherry, Loro Piana and Carnet”.


Raising the bar on casual Malaysians

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ince casual jackets are on the rise in men’s dressing, it only makes sense to be fitted with a jacket that is going to make one look one’s best. The made-to-order and bespoke editions of casual jackets from Wardrobe are crafted with precision in the hands of master tailors to create a masterpiece that fits seamlessly while enhancing the overall natural silhouette of one’s physique.

“Dressing casually can be difficult at times as we want to appear relaxed but at the same time, still carry a respectable stature. An untucked shirt and rolled up sleeves with jeans may, on occasion, seem inappropriate as the appearance may come off as sloppy,” Mr. Lim elaborated. “The solution to this is a nicely tailored well-fitted jacket, paired with cotton or linen long sleeves shirt that would go well with a clean pair of chinos or jeans. A necktie is not necessary but a pocket square is vital,” continued Mr. Lim.

Casual dressing allows us the freedom to experiment with a wide range of colours, from bright and lively to dark plain shades that reflect a person’s mood or personality. The trick of colour-matching for casuals is in the contrast between the jacket and the trousers, as similar colours would create a representation of a full formal suit.

“We believe men should dress to their unique individuality while simultaneously enjoy comfort and Wardrobe is making that possible,” enthused Mr. Lim.

For more information on casual fabrics, jackets and other accessories, please visit the Wardrobe boutique located at 51, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar or visit the website, or call 03-2282 6866 during working hours.

Casual Jacket

Causal Jacket Display


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