Wardrobe Partners With Kiton To Master Legacy In Bespoke Tailoring


[dropcap]M[/dropcap]alaysian Bespoke tailoring house, Wardrobe has announced its latest collaboration with Italian eminent luxury bespoke expert Kiton, in a private signing ceremony. Both fashion connoisseurs, well-known for their exceptional standards in bespoke craftsmanship, hope to take Malaysia’s tailoring standards to international levels.

CEO of Wardrobe, Mr. Lim Fang Heng said after both companies penned their signatories.

“We are very honoured to work hand-in-hand with Kiton as we apply similar values in our passion for tailoring,”

A live demonstration educating the audience on the intricate process of stitching a bespoke jacket was done by Mr. Lim Fang Meng (who was trained in Savile Row, London), brother to Mr. Lim Fang Heng and Wardrobe’s Master Tailor.

Mr. Lim Fang Meng, explained while showcasing his fine skills.

“The secret to a well-sewn suit or jacket is in the technique of stitching and the many years of practice and most importantly the love for the craft,”

Wardrobe was founded in 2001, where its’ passion in fine tailoring, contemporary designs, renowned fabrics and distinguished customer service was appraised and recognized by discerning clientele including royalties, leaders of country and state, ministers and politicians, captains of industries, CEOs, celebrities and young entrepreneurs alike, from global regions such Singapore, Australia, United States of America and United Kingdom.

“Wardrobe and Kiton share the same vision and standards in craftsmanship. We trust that Malaysia is ready for the finest brands and that we are here to provide just that”, Regional Manager of Asia, Kiton, Dr. Raffaele Nigro said during the event.

“We are confident and proud of this partnership because we trust that Wardrobe is able to deliver exceptional customer service, a high standard of retail ambience, accurate measurements and figurations, with up-to-date styling advice to the customers and to finish it off with Kiton’s handwork on the bespoke suits, it will inevitable be a piece to be treasured”, he further adds.

Kiton, a luxury custom-fit apparel company, was founded in 1968. Built from humble beginnings, Kiton started in Naples, Italy, it became a well-known corporation, opening its New York flagship store and showroom in 2004. Through the years, Kiton has surpassed many top brands and has carved a name paramount in the tailoring industry.

“It is certainly an honour to work with Wardrobe as they are committed and focused on the needs of developing the tailoring industry through the generations and they have what it takes to be the best” said Dr. Raffaele, elaborating on their partnership. “There are not many who are willing to spend the necessary time in creating an intricate piece. It takes more than just patience or commitment to work on a masterpiece, they need to be passionate” he concluded enthusiastically.

Wardrobe is renowned for its ability to bring not only contemporary and fresh designs to the market, but also offers made to measure and bespoke tailoring services fused with traditional tailoring techniques. The work they produce is of exceptional standards, with their Master Tailors possessing skills acquired over a period of at least 20 to 30 years.

In making a suit, Wardrobe takes no less than ten measurements and examines figuration to ensure that every corner is precisely cut and accounted for. These measurements are then transferred to a blank slate of paper to cut out specific patterns for the individual client. This will then be made to fit for clients. For a Wardrobe experience, they offer a minimum of two fitting sessions to achieve the desired balance, cut and fit. It takes another three to four weeks of detailed careful stitching to reach the ultimate bespoke suit in sophistication and comfort. The suits range from RM 6800 onwards.

Apart from custom made apparels, Wardrobe also provides accessories such as Italian-made silk neckties and bow ties, hand-made leather briefcases from Italy, suit carriers, cufflinks, belts and wallets to set off the look for any occasion. Kiton’s entirely cut and hand-made Italian suit at Wardrobe starts from RM15, 000 and has a waiting period of four to six weeks.

Mr. Lim Fang Meng Demonstrating To The Audience

Different Fabric From Wardrobe

Fang Meng Demonstrates To The Audience While Fang Heng Explains

L-R - Mr. Lim Fang Heng, Dr. Raffaele Nigro

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