Video Kumpulan K-Pop Winner Trending di Youtube Malaysia

Keseluruhan yang trending pada minggu ini ialah video yang berkenaan dengan K-Pop. Di tempat pertama ialah video Kuai Le Da Ben Ying/Happy Camp di mana peminat kumpulan Winner telah mencari video penampilan khas mereka buat pertama kali di Chinese TV seperti mana juga ada Yoona dari Girls’ Generation yang tanpil dalam satu episod program variety show di China HunanTV

Jom kita tengok apa yang trending di saluran Youtube Malaysia.

Weekly YouTube Top 5 Trending searches in Malaysia
Last 7 days (March 25)

For top videos, people around the world search for information on YouTube. What follows is a summary of YouTube Search results for the top gainers on when comparing search queries that have risen by the largest percentage for the last seven days.

1) 快乐 大本营 (Kuai Le Da Ben Ying/Happy Camp)
Fans of WINNER searched for the Kpop group’s first appearance on Chinese TV as well as Yoona from Girls’ Generation through an episode of this variety show, available via China HunanTV.

2) WWE
Wrestling enthusiasts headed onto YouTube to relive spectacular highlights from matches shown on the March 23 episode of WWE NXT.

3) iKON
The seven-member boy band from South Korea won Album of the Year at the QQ Music Awards on March 23, on top of performing hit singles ‘APOLOGY’ and ‘Dumb & Dumber’.

4) GOT7
Fans of the multinational Kpop boy band treated themselves to the group’s latest music video for new single, ‘Fly’, raking in over four million views in three days.

5) 鸭 王 2 (Ya Wang 2/The Gigolo 2)
Fans searched for video clips and trailer from this latest Hong Kong comedy starring Dominic Ho and Connie Man.

* These are separate but related search items, so we grouped them into one line.

Note: This list shows the fastest rising searches, meaning these were the search terms that saw the largest spike in video searches this week.

Written by Budiey

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