Gelagat Chef Adu & Chef Kamarul di Pelancaran VERSUS 1001 RASA BABA’S

‘Going blow for blow against each other in the pit, challenging their skills, testing the patience of their respective mentors….it’s not just the pot that will boil over’

Chef Kamarul & Chef Adu

What started 40 years ago as an effort to satisfy the culinary needs of housewives in Klang Valley, BABA’S has since not just grown to become Malaysia’s premier curry powder and spice brand, but also a brand that is synonymous with Malaysian cuisine globally!

This has been a busy year for the brand, as it’s decided to celebrate its 4 decade as Malaysia’s preferred choice with several innovating and groundbreaking campaign.

“We didn’t want our 40 year to be about chest thumping, highlighting our anniversary”, said Claudian Navin Stanislaus, BABA’S Head of Advertising and Promotions, “instead we wanted to give our customers a very special thank you thru the campaigns we chose to do this year as they are the true custodians of our brand”

In a year that has seen the BABA’S logo inflight on AIRASIA flights and 50 tickets for the loyal followers of it’s BABA’S & U FACEBOOK page to spend New Year’s Day in Gold Coast Australia. BABA’S was also the global broadcast sponsors of the phenomenally successful 1st season of BIGG BOSS Reality-TV series on VijayTV and the sponsor of the ongoing Million Dollar Feet talent search that hopes to give two young Malaysians the chance of a lifetime of a career in football in Europe. The 4th campaign to celebrate its 4th decade, VERSUS 1001 RASA BABA’S was announced at a launch today.

VERSUS 1001 RASA BABA’S, is a return of the highly successful series of culinary competitions produced by BABA’S. This latest installment is a showdown like no other pitting contestants against each other in a mixed martial arts like atmosphere, cooking innovate dishes with the guidances of Mentor Chefs, handpicked award winning profession chefs who ply their trade in restaurants and culinary academies locally.

Hosted by BABA’S stalwart, Chef Dr. Kamarul and Chef Adu, VERSUS 1001 RASA BABA’S will be broadcast over 13 fast paced episodes on TV3, then moving to FACEBOOK for the next phase of the competition, before returning to TV3 for the Grand Finale.

A teaser cum festive episode was broadcast on September 16, in conjunction with Hari Malaysia. This fulfilled episode saw a showdown between Radhi OAG and Funnyman Papi Zak, with Dato Ahmad Izham Omar of PRIMEWORKS and his sister, Aireen Omar of AirAsia as their respective mentors.

Judged by a jury panel made up of culinary editors and food bloggers, VERSUS 1001 RASA BABA’S is not just a test of culinary skills but also a test of wills and egos as skilled contestants are forced to decide wheather to accept the guidance of their mentors or to decide on their own route to win each weekly episode!

Pelancaran VERSUS 1001 RASA BABA'S

“What’s different with this showdown is the contestants and their mentors have only 30 minutes to decide how they wish to prepare the recipes that are revealed to them, and they have to use only the ingredients provide to achieve it in an innovative way….of course, not always to the contestants and mentors see eye to eye – and that’s the fun of it”, said Navin.

While winning the showdown is the aim, each recipe that wins a round will be perfected by the BABA’S team and readied for the next phase of the competition which will see the Top 4 favorite recipes brought back for a finale cook off and a chance to win the RM10,000 Grand Prize!

Of course as always, BABA’S fans will not be left out. Apart from the treasure trove of mouthwatering new recipes that will be made available to them on the BABA’S & U FACEBOOK page, they will also be able to win some cash and other fantastic prizes….for just watching.

Chef Zubir & Chef Adu

VERSUS 1001 RASA BABA’S will be on TV3 every Thursday at 5:35pm beginning OCTOBER 26, with repeats every Monday at 5:35pm beginning OCTOBER 30.

“There’s something for everyone, if you have a food fetish, the recipes are truly mouthwatering. If you like a culinary showdown, it’s got all the thrills and spills of one. And if you want to be part of the next season, you can get a hint of what to expect!” added Navin.

For a modest celebration of their 40th Anniversary, it looks like BABA’S certainly did pull out all the stops!

For more details and information abou the show, recipes and the Homeviewers Contest you can log on to BABASANDU on FACEBOOK immediately!

vs1001rasa BABA'S l Kek Keju Kesari bersama Sos Kurma

Host & Contestant

Chef Zubir

Cooking 1

Cooking 2

Cooking 3

Chef Kamarul & Chef Adu 1

Pelancaran VERSUS 1001 RASA BABA'S

Pelancaran VERSUS 1001 RASA BABA'S

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