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Valentine’s Day Movie FALL IN LOVE AT FIRST LOVE

‘Fall In Love At First Love’ which will be released this Valentine’s Day is an adaptation from the popular comics “Itazura na Kiss” by the renown author Kaoru Tada san.

Come Valentine’s Day, ‘Fall In Love At First Love’ will be the must watch movie in the season of love. After the success of ‘Our Times’ which bring back the youth dreams of many ladies, director Chen is prepared to make the wave once again.

Fall In Love At First Love
This lady has given us the most beautiful youth memory.
Decode the director of ‘Fall In Love At First Love’, Ms Chen Yu Shan.

Besides ‘Fall In Love At First Love’, she had produced many romantic idol drama series; ‘Fated to Love You’, ‘The Price Who Turns Into Frog’, ‘My Lucky Star’and 20 over other series. Director Chen can be labeled as the most successful romantic director that can easily capture the hearts of many females.

Fall In Love At First Love

Many grew up in their youth with her series like ‘Lavender’ to ‘Fated To Love You’. Lavender’, ‘At Dolphin Bay’, ‘The Prince Who Turns Into Frog’, ‘My Lucky Star’, ‘Fated To Love You’… were all produced by the same person, Ms Chen Yu Shan.

She insisted on producing stories that could move and touched the audience’s hearts. When asked which story is her best product,Chen has cheekily said that “to me, when a viewer thought of me in one of my many series, thatseries is the best I have made”.

Fall In Love At First Love

In the video produced by fans, the lead cast of ‘Lucky Star’, Jimmy Lin visited to shoot of ‘Fall In Love At First Love’, together with Darren Wang and Lin Yun and have celebrated Chen birthday on set.

Chen has invited many of her old friends to help and have cameo appearances in this movie, the director of ‘Fated To Love You’ Mr Chen Min Zhang is tasked to be the acting advisor had spent many days discussing and rehearse with the cast. They spent lots of times together on scripts reading to repeatedly rehearse on set to ensure they could articulately portray the characters in the movie.

Fall In Love At First Love

From ‘Our Times’ to ‘Fall In Love At First Love’ Chen wants to bring the ‘fulfillment of love’ to the audience.

As a director with flying colors in her products to produce a widely known romantic story, Chen is very frank that the characters in the movie could not be redesign but it should have new elements in it to offer fresh viewing experience. Chen set her bar so high that she often correct the slightest things like a dialogue or how Xiang Qin look at Zhi Shu, until she is satisfied with the scene; Chen wants the cast to be 100% commit in the story, and that would let the audience feel the fulfillment of love.

Fall In Love At First Love
Fall In Love At First Love

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