Tune Hotels Zombie Busters

Tune Hotels deployed a number of ‘Zombie Busters’ who gave away Tune Hotels stay vouchers to lucky runners participating in the LivingSocial Zombie Run 2013 held in Petaling Jaya last night (Saturday, 16 November 2013).

The Tune Hotels Zombie Busters were stationed at random locations along the running route and runners who successfully spotted and identified the right Tune Hotels ‘Zombie Buster’ received a two-day, one-night stay voucher at selected Tune Hotels in Malaysia and Bali, Indonesia. Together with the hotel voucher, they also received a ‘life flag’ that would help them continue to finish the race.

The LivingSocial Zombie Run 2013 is a five-kilometre marathon over a route around Petaling Jaya infested with ‘zombies’. Participant’s goal was not only making it to the finish line but to keep one’s life flags from being captured by the hundreds of zombies lurking throughout the route.

Apart from Tune Hotels, the LivingSocial Zombie Run is sponsored by Everlast, Kai Image Academy for professional zombie make-up, Mehron Zombie Make up Product, Revive, and TRON.

For more information and latest updates, log on to LivingSocial 5km Zombie Run page on Facebook.

For real-time updates and promotion alerts by Tune Hotels, guests can stay connected with Tune Hotels via Facebook and on Twitter via For booking and further information,

Zombie Run 2a

Zombie Run 5a

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