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Trophy Knives Releases Their 10th Music Video With The Blazing “NAUSEOUS”

Kuala Lumpur based punk rock band, Trophy Knives are back at it with the release of their 10th music video, “Nauseous”

Nauseous” is the blazing second single off Trophy Knives’ upcoming sophomore record, “Look the Other Way”which is slated for a November 2021 release. 

Taking off exactly where they left off from their previous effort, “Look The Other Way”, Trophy Knives aren’t exactly subtle with their disgust towards apathy and ignorance with lyrics that are as straightforward as “Your ignorance is making me nauseous”.

Nauseous Band Green Screen

The music video for “Nauseous” was produced and directed by Nadeem Salam off Skesh Entertainment, and the band confirmed that this music video was a collaboration with Cendana Malaysia – Penjana as well as MyCreative Ventures.

The band was supposed to release the entirety of their new record on the 19th of March 2021 to coincide with the release of their new music video, however when the MCO was announced in January 2021,the band decided that it would be in their best interest to postpone the release of their album to a later date. 

Nauseous Band Pic

“When it became quite apparent to us that touring would not be possible for the next couple of months, we decided to then delay the release of the record and shoot a few music videos to articulate the songs off “Look The Other Way’, visually.  This record is most definitely our best work to date and we want to be able to elaborate the themes of these tracks by creating high quality music videos to go along with these tracks. With the help of our dear friends over atCendana Malaysia, we are certain we will be able to achieve that”, quips Vinesh Muniandy,lead vocalist of Trophy Knives.

The music video for “Nauseous” is out now on YouTube.

The first 5 songs from “Look The Other Way” are now available on all streaming platforms.

Follow Trophy Knives on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube via the same name.

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