The Ultimate Pillow Choice For Your Ultimate Comfort


Kuala Lumpur – Impiana KLCC Hotel offers a 24-hour Pillow Menu service to its customers for the ultimate sleeping pleasure experience.

The hotel provides eight choices of pillows that match its customers personal sleeping habits with no additional costs incurred. Impiana KLCC Hotel proves that the right pillow will give their guest the comfort and satisfaction of resting according to the requirements of rested slumber.

“We feel that when our guests put their dreams into our hands, we have a responsibility to provide them with the best. That is what the pillow menu is all about, giving added value to our guests”, said General Manager Gerard Sta Maria.

Pillow Menu With Male Talent

The pillow menu includes White Goose Down Pillow, White Goose Feather Pillow, Wedge Pillow, Simulatex Pillow, Non-allergenic Pillow, Contour Pillow, Eye Pillow and the Feather Bolster.

The ultimate pillow choice for your ultimate comfort at Impiana KLCC Hotel

Pillow descriptions:-

White Goose Down Pillow:
Soft and supple, it is preferred by stomach sleepers. Plumped full with white goose down, it’s soft billowing support cushions the head and neck at a natural and restful angle.

White Goose Feather Pillow:
Suitable for asthmatics. The down gives softness while the feathers provides firmness.

Wedge Pillow:
A unique design to ease the strain on the back, it elevates and supports the knees. It is suitable for people with knee problems.

Simulatex Pillow:
Springy support in a latex pillow provides comfort and cradles the neck for strain free sleep.

Non-allergenic Pillow:
A cluster fibre pillow that offers soft to medium support.

Contour Pillow:
Memory foam contour pillow helps keep the neck and head in alignment with the spine, allowing rest in a neutral position with reduced pressure.

The ultimate pillow choice for your ultimate comfort
at Impiana KLCC Hotel

Eye Pillow:
It is filled with flax seed to provide gentle weight to soothe tired eyes and a calming blend of Lavender, Chamomile and Orange to ease headaches, calm the nerves, encouraging deep relaxation.

Feather Bolster:
Traditional feather bolster pillow gives extra comfort and support when used under luxury pillows.

Pillow Menu With Female Talent

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