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Synopsis The Real NCIS New Episodes

The program is also available in Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese subtitle.

Program Title: The Real NCIS (New Episodes)
Telecast date: Every Monday, 2 May 2011
Telecast Time: 9pm
Channel: Astro, Channel 732

Program synopsis:
The Real NCIS is a non-scripted documentary series which follows the real-life agents who inspired the successful international hit TV drama, NCIS. Set against the backdrop of Navy ships, sailors, and operations, NCIS detectives are charged with investigating any crime committed within the province of the US Navy anywhere in the world. When it comes to solving crimes, the NCIS does what the FBI, CIA and DEA do in the civilian world, as they seek justice and solve the most thrilling investigations.

Muns, 2 May
A young officer, Ensign Andrew Muns, disappears from the USS Cacapon stationed in the Philippines during the Vietnam War. Conflicting statements, strange circumstances, and missing money have NCIS suspecting murder but they are never able to prove it. Thirty years later special agents from the elite cold case squad take on the nearly impossible task of tracking a killer three decades after the murder took place. They focus in on a former sailor who worked with Muns, Micheal Lebrun. It takes strategy, persistence and days of interrogation but Muns finally admits that he killed Andrew Muns.

Bartlett, 9 May
When a sailor is gunned down on the sunny island of St. Thomas, NCIS recruit the help of local law enforcement to track down his killer. Follow real NCIS agents as they investigate the shocking robbery and murder of Lt. Dana Bartlett and uncover the dark side of a tropical paradise. From false tips to an anonymous letter from jail, the case has its challenges, but after the relentless pursuit of a mysterious black jeep, NCIS and Virgin Island police finally bring Bartlett’s killers to justice.

Brown, 16 May
A beautiful young Naval officer and her boyfriend are found in the woods brutally beaten and shot execution style. NCIS and local police form a task force to put the pieces together of this puzzling case of double murder. Agents find key clues in the financial records of LeAnne Brown. Credit card transactions made after the murder, help agents uncover a vicious crime spree that ended in the senseless slaying of LeAnne Brown and Michael Patton. When a carjacking victim who survived the ordeal identifies his attackers, investigators are able to track down the killers and bring them to justice.

Allen, 23 May
A young women is found floating in a lake at Camp Pendleton, CA. She is identified as Marilyn Allen, a civilian, but NCIS has little else to go on. There are no suspects in her murder – no clues, no evidence, no eyewitnesses. Investigators are forced to conclude death by persons unknown. For years the case of Marilyn Allen is pasted to the walls of every NCIS office in the country. After seven years, a local NCIS agent in New Orleans LA, hears an account of a former Marine claiming to have killed a woman years before. Former US Marine private Roosevelt Gibson had been stationed at Camp Pendleton at the time of the murder. He had been transferred only days after the body of Marilyn Allen was found. Now NCIS investigators research Private Gipson’s background and find out that he has a history of violence towards women. With no solid forensics to connect their suspect, NCIS agents decide on an elaborate sting operation. A local SWAT team commander who is also a Marine reservist agrees to go undercover and befriend the suspect in order to get a confession on tape. Gibson takes the bait, and boasts about the murder of Marilyn Allen. He’s convicted of the murder of Marilyn Allen, and the undercover team of police officer Jeff Winn, and Special Agent, Dwayne Swear, receive Top Cop honors for their role in bringing Gipson.

Kichler, 30 May
When an Officer’s wife is found brutally murdered in her Florida home, NCIS must track down a ritualistic killer before he strikes again. Forensic experts and criminal profilers work together to piece together who could have perpetrated this bizarre crime. And when the search leads them from Florida to an unsolved murder in New Hampshire, NCIS investigators make the stunning realization that they are on the hunt for a serial killer. With the help of the Cold Case squad, NCIS finally brings the ruthless killer to justice for the rape and murder of Dina Kichler.

The program is also available in Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese subtitle.

Written by Budiey

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