Terima Kasih Cinta Ready to Take Center Stage


Kuala Lumpur: A new musical, Terima Kasih Cinta, has come to town and will join the theatres at Istana Budaya from February 17 to March 6. This musical is adapted from the movie that grabbed multiple local and international awards, Cinta. Terima Kasih Cinta presents not one, but five stories about the different facets of love.

The eleven main cast of Terima Kasih Cinta consist of some of Malaysia’s most famous talents in Malaysia’s industry of arts. Veteran singer Latiff Ibrahim plays a retired teacher, Elyas, in the musical alongside award-winning actress Safura Ya’cob as his love interest, Rubiah. Diddy Hirdy who is currently awaiting the completion of his second studio album accepted the role as Amin, the grandson of Elyas. Popular local heartthrob and winner of the Best Supporting Actor award from the 2008 Malaysian Film Festival, Tony Eusoff, claims the role of Haris. Norish Karman plays his wife, Airin.

Terima Kasih Cinta

Next in line in the group of main cast is the winner of the first ever Akademi Fantasia, Vince Chong. Being non-Malay does not stop him from claiming a role in a musical of a different culture and language. He acts as Taufiq who meets Nadia Aqilah’s character, Arianna, in her journey to find love. Nadia recently released her self-titled debut album last December, ‘Nadia Aqilah’. Well known pop singer, Shajiry Damery, plays Azlan the successful magazine publisher. He finds his love interest, Azura (played by Farahdhiya), to fulfill his happiness and finally make his life complete.

Last but not least, Deja Moss and Anding Indrawani take the role of siblings, Dian and Dhani. Coincidentally, Deja and Anding are both from Sarawak. Anding has a natural-born talent, derived from his artistic parents. His mother is a singer and his father an actor, they were both great dancers as well. It is indeed fate that brought Deja and Anding together to play the brother-sister role for Terima Kasih Cinta.

The talent pool is not just limited to the performers, but it also includes the skills and brains of the production team behind the scenes. The team is headed by Boudeng Edruce, the producer who is no stranger to local theatre. Although he has been in the music industry since the late 80’s, his first step into the world of theatre came when he was offered the opportunity to be a producer by Tiara Jacquelina. His passion in music made him jump for the offer without hesitating. One thing led to another and before he knew it, he already had three musicals in his bag – P. Ramlee the Musical Seasons 1 and 2, and Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical Season 3.

Although there were several times when Boudeng had left the industry to pursue further ventures in his family business in Sarawak, his passion in the arts never fails to pull him back. “I realised that my heart never left the industry, so I decided to come back into the scene”, he said.

Another important figure in Terima Kasih Cinta is none other than Pat Ibrahim who seamlessly ties in the love stories and music with his excellent directing and choreography. Already well known for his choreography, Pat Ibrahim’s involvement in the musical makes it his directorial debut. According to him, the most challenging aspect of this musical was to interpret the beautiful story from the original movie into a lively musical stage. Being a romantic, he holds the love stories in Terima Kasih Cinta close to his heart. He hopes that his interpretation of love through music and dance will strike a chord within the audience.

Megat Sharizal together with Pat helps adapt the film to its stage form. Megat is also Pat’s assistant director. Acknowledging the fact that a musical is never a one-man show, Pat Ibrahim praises his dedicated and passionate team. From the cast to the technical team to the crew, he hopes this collaboration will allow everyone to grow and learn as much as he does as they embark on this new journey.

Terima Kasih Cinta also features enchanting music by talented composer Roslan Aziz. The Malaysian Idol 1 and 2 judge and Akademi Fantasia 5 Principal in the man behind numerous successful artists and sold-out musicals. He also founded talented local acts Sheila Majid, Zainal Abidin, Amir Yusoff, and more. Excellent sound and music is definitely guaranteed in Terima Kasih Cinta with Roslan’s Midas touch.

This musical also features and a brilliant script by Nizam Zakaria and a set designed by the art director, Raja Maliq, who is well known for his creativity. He guarantees a stage set that has never been attempted before for this project.

Terima Kasih Cinta

Terima Kasih Cinta the musical stays true to the original script of Kabir Bhatia’s Cinta. However, there will be several slight modifications to add a unique musical touch to the storyline in terms of music, choreography, stage designs, and the overall musical directing.

Being a musical, Terima Kasih Cinta inevitably features more songs than the original story including some of the most celebrated love songs in Malaysia. The list of songs contains Permata Untuk Isteri (Kopratasa), Dia (Sheila Majid), Seribu Impian (Casey), Selanjur Bercinta (Aisyah), Impian Anak Jalanan (Kembara), Bimbang Terluka Lagi (Noorkumalasari/Sudirman), Cinta (Misha Omar/Jaclyn Victor), Kau Ilhamku (Man Bai), Belaian Jiwa (Carefree), Sejati (Wings), Kalimah Cinta (Amy Search), Mata (Noorkumalasari), Janji Manismu (Aisyah), Duniaku (S Ahmad), Sekian Lama (Siti Nurhaliza), Berkorban Apa Saja (P.Ramlee), Itu Kamu (Estranged), Perpisahan (Anuar Zain), Gemilang (Sheila Majid), and Terima Kasih (Roslan Aziz Production).

Terima Kasih Cinta

This highly anticipated musical is brought to you by The Creative Partnership Sdn Bhd and Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd. As an adaptation of a film by Grand Brilliance Sdn Bhd (under Primeworks Studios), Primeworks Studios is excited to witness the production and success of Terima Kasih Cinta.

Come and witness these talented performers at Istana Budaya from 17th February to 6th March. For more information and detailed biographies of the entire cast, visit Terima Kasih Cinta’s official website ( Don’t forget to follow the musical on Facebook ( and Twitter (!/TKCinta) for the quickest updates, including some personal status updates or tweets from the cast themselves!

More details about show times, seating arrangements and allocated ticket prices can be found on Ticket2U’s website ( You can also buy your tickets online after selecting your desired show time and seats.

Ticket prices range between RM30, RM70, RM100, RM 150, RM180, RM200 and RM250.

Written by Budiey

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